Amy Schumer Opens Up About Her IVF Experience in Instagram Post, And Selena Gomez Offers Support

Amy Schumer isn’t afraid to show the less pretty side of pregnancy and motherhood. In the past, she’s shared candid photos of her C-section scar, an image of herself sitting on the toilet as she took a pregnancy test, and a snap of herself pushing a stroller while wearing her mesh hospital underwear. Now, she’s opening up about her experience with IVF

Amy Schumer is looking for advice on IVF

On Jan. 9, Schumer posted a photo of her bruised belly, writing in the caption that she’s a week into IVF and that the process has her feeling rundown and emotional. 

“If anyone went through it and if you have any advice or wouldn’t mind sharing your experience with me please do,” the comedian wrote. Schumer has shared a phone number with fans so they can reach out to her directly. 

“We are freezing my eggs and figuring out what to do to give Gene a sibling,” she added. 

Selena Gomez shares a message of support 

Selena Gomez and Amy Schumer
Selena Gomez Amy Schumer | Christopher Polk/HFA2015/Getty Images for dcp

Schumer’s post generated more than 30,000 comments, including a number from fellow celebrities like Katie Couric, actress Rosanna Arquette, Search Party’s Meredith Hagner, YouTuber Colleen Ballinger, and model Tess Holliday. 

Selena Gomez also shared a message of support, writing “I’m praying for you and chris. I’m sorry!”

After some people questioned her original comment about feeling sorry for Schumer, Gomez clarified her meaning. 

“Let me clear that up. I said I’m sorry she’s feeling that way. My mom went through the same thing. It’s hard on women’s heart,” she wrote. 

Others praised Schumer and shared their experiences 

Many other commenters praised Schumer’s decision to publicly discuss her experience with IVF. 

“There are so many amazing women going through what @amyschumer is going through,” wrote one. 

“I appreciate you as a mother, a woman, a public figure, your vulnerability is so powerful 💕,” Holliday wrote. 

Arquette wondered is Schumer had tried vitamin drips. (A U.K. company has claimed that its vitamin drips can improve fertility, but it withdrew the product from the market after officials questioned its effectiveness.) 

Other commenters shared their stories of giving themselves shots and the frustration of going through multiple rounds of IVF as they attempted to achieve a viable pregnancy. Some recommended Instagram accounts aimed at women struggling with fertility, and others suggested treatments like acupuncture. Many reminded Schumer to be kind to herself throughout the process. 

One fan says Schumer’s comedy helped her get pregnant

One fan who commented on Schumer’s post even gave the I Feel Pretty star credit for helping her get pregnant. 

“YOU got me pregnant!” she wrote. “How you ask? Well they say after the embryo transfer you should laugh as much as possible so I watched your shows and watched your movies. My son will be one in 4 days.”

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