A Look Inside Amy Schumer’s Hilarious, Loving Marriage

Long-time fans of Amy Schumer will remember the days the comedian used to speak about her UTI-causing hookups and general debauchery. Today, she’s pregnant with her first child and very much in love with her husband, Chris Fischer.

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer | Walter McBride/WireImage
Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer | Walter McBride/WireImage

Schumer’s never come off as a master of subtletey–she brings a debonair in-your-face quality to almost everything she does. As it turns out, she brings the attitude to her relationships as well.

According to The New York Times, one month into Schumer and Fischer’s relationship, Schumer sent her now-husband a text asking him if he was serious about her and if he wanted kids. He replied: “I do want kids, and I want them with you.”

Who is Amy Schumer’s husband Chris Fischer?

Fischer comes from a family of farmers. They’ve owned the Beetlebung Farm in Chilmark, Massachusettes since 1961. In 2016, Fischer won the James Beard award for his Beetlebung Farm Cookbook.

Fischer became known in the food world as Mario Batali’s sous chef at New York City’s Babbo.

According to E! News, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are big fans of his former restaurant at the Beach Plum Inn (one of their favorite date night spots at Martha’s Vineyard).   

Their relationship

E! News reports that the couple met through Fischer’s sister, who is Schumer’s personal assistant. As mentioned above, their relationship got serious pretty quickly.

Today the married couple lives in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

“Our home is kind of stupid,” Schumer told The New York Times. “It looks like Tom Hanks’s in ‘Big’ — karaoke machine, jukebox.”

Amy’s difficult pregnancy

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As the two discussed early on, it’s always been understood that Schumer and Fischer would have children together. Schumer’s current pregnancy has proven to be particularly difficult due to a condition called hyperemesis, which makes her feel constantly nauseated.

“I threw up on the way over here because I have this disease.” She said at a recent show in New Orleans. “There’s no research on it because men don’t get it.”   

Schumer getting sick has become something of a routine for Fischer and his wife. In The New York Times profile Jason Zinoman recently did on Schumer, he wrote about being in a compact S.U.V. with the couple when Schumer announced that she was going to throw up. Without taking his eyes off the road, Fischer handed his wife a bag so she could take care of business.  

“That smells bad,” said Fischer (via TNYT).

“You want me to go outside?” she responded.

“Feigning embarrassment about a marital dispute, he motioned toward me in the back seat, writes Zinoman. “‘We have a guest.’ The car stopped, Schumer, who is due in May, got out, vomited again in front of a church, tossed the bag in a metal trash can and immediately started joking with her husband again.”

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