Anderson Cooper Shares That Son Wyatt Is Wearing Hand-Me-Downs From Andy Cohen’s Son

Anderson Cooper revealed that Andy Cohen inspired him to become a father and that Cohen has been helpful to him in more ways than one.

Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen attend the Times Square New Year's Eve 2020 Celebration
Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen attend the Times Square New Year’s Eve 2020 Celebration | Manny Carabel/FilmMagic

Cooper dished about fatherhood and how his close friendship with Cohen has been a resource on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. “He’s been encouraging me all along,” Cooper told host Stephen Colbert. Cooper added that Cohen’s son Benjamin is “amazing” too.

But also, “My son [Wyatt] is entirely wearing hand-me-downs from Andy Cohen’s son,” Cooper reveals. “I’m inherently cheap, I like a good value. [First] it’s a pandemic, I was planning on kind of going shopping, which I hate to do.”

Wyatt Cooper is in for some cute clothes

Cooper tried to do some online shopping for his newborn son, Wyatt. But it didn’t seem to inspire him to purchase anything. “And then online shopping. How do you do that for baby clothes,” Cooper wondered. “Like to do you go to ‘Buy Buy Baby?’ or Amazon? I don’t know, it just seemed weird.”

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“And so, yeah, he just gave me all the clothes,” Cooper added. “I wanted my son to be a Depression-era child who grows up wearing hand-me-down clothes.” Colbert jokes that he hopes Wyatt doesn’t get that opportunity to be a Depression-era child. “That’s no longer just a metaphor,” he adds.

Benjamin Cohen has some pretty adorable frocks that Wyatt will certainly enjoy. Cohen has shared several photos of his son wearing a wide variety of onesies and matching pajama sets for Wyatt to explore. Ben will likely outgrow his infamous “talking banana” pajamas he can give to Wyatt. Plus, he’s been gifted a slew of thoughtful outfits from Bravolebrities too.

Ben and Wyatt are going to be best friends (duh)

Cohen confirmed to Instagram fans that Ben and Wyatt are destined to be best friends. He also shared that he’d love to have more children too. For Cooper, just hanging out with Cohen during the months leading up to his son’s birth was likely a nice way to peek into fatherhood.

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Shortly after Ben’s birth, Cohen shared a photo of Cooper peering into the crib at his newborn son. “Uncle Anderson got an exclusive…” he wrote. Months later Cooper is photographed holding Ben. Of course, Cohen had to give him a good ribbing. “I’m a proud dad: my son gave Zaddy side eye, unprovoked! See an all new AC2 Live in Baltimore 5/11 & NYC 6/21 & 6/22 – tickets at Ticketmaster and more cities,” he wrote along with a photo that definitely looked like Ben was giving Cooper the side-eye.

The two shopped for cars in April and Cohen referred to the friends as “two silver daddies” car shopping in the video. The video was shot before Wyatt was a glimmer in his father’s eye but Cooper was probably ready to take the plunge. Cooper and Cohen have been close and almost like brothers. In May Cohen shared a sweet family photo with his parents too. “My parents are considering adopting Zaddy. I think we would be good brothers, and silver hair runs in the family!”