Andy Cohen: How Comments From Kelly Ripa Saved His Life

Andy Cohen and Kelly Ripa have appeared on television together multiple times. What fans might not know is that Ripa managed to save Cohen’s life. Here’s what Cohen had to say about that.

Andy Cohen during a Jimmy Fallon interview | Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

The speck that could have killed Andy Cohen

According to People, Cohen appeared on Jenny McCarthy‘s SiriusXM show on Jan. 31, 2020. There, Cohen discussed a spot on his face that could have seriously impacted his life. “There was a dot on my lip that I had for a while that I was not paying attention to.”

Cohen recalled seeing Ripa at a party at an art gallery. “Kelly came up to me and goes, ‘What’s happening with your lip?’ She goes, ‘Get that checked out today. That is skin cancer.’”

Cohen added “I went and got it checked out. It was malignant melanoma.” Melanoma is a deadly form of skin cancer. Thanks to Ripa, Cohen got the speck on his lip removed.

Andy Cohen has changed how he goes out in the sun

Andy Cohen arrives at Lincoln Center’s American Songbook Gala | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Cohen previously thanked Ripa on a 2017 episode of Live with Kelly. “I just want to thank you because you were so dogmatic. No, honestly. And it’s all fine, but that’s a good friend and it really taught me because I am tanorexic.”

Cohen added “I love the sun, I really do. But just be careful. And I of course thought that that kind of thing would ever happen to me and it will change my relationship to the sun. But you really helped me out there. And thank you for staying on me.”

Jeff Rossen details his struggle with melanoma

Cohen is not the only television personality to be open about his struggles with melanoma. On an episode of Today, Jeff Rossen discussed fighting the disease. “I’ve never spoken about this before, [and] sort of decided to handle it myself. I was diagnosed with melanoma. Scared me as a dad.”

Jeff Rossen | Desiree Navarro/WireImage

Rossen added “I’m looking at my young kids, and you have cancer, and now you’re a cancer survivor. You have to fight that on an emotional level. My dermatologist said to me, you have to put on sunscreen, you have to protect yourself, so I went to the store and I’m paying all this extra money for SPF 100-plus, 110, and we did the investigation here that says anything over SPF 50 doesn’t help you anyway.”

Rossen discussed his melanoma in his book Rossen to the Rescue, which he described as his way of “fighting for the little guy.” “I knew if I was going to write a book I had to go there and get real and get personal. So much of what drives the Rossen Reports and the stories I choose are from my own personal life because when I leave this building, just like you, I’m just a regular guy, a dad, a husband. No one’s fighting for the little guy, so I wanted to.”

Cohen and Rossen should both be applauded for being open about their health struggles. Hopefully, they will cause people to take the threat of melanoma seriously. A little extra sunscreen never hurt anybody.

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