Andy Cohen Multi-Tasks Like a Boss on a Recent Walk

Andy Cohen looks like he was born to be a parent as he seems to have the complex world of baby swaddling conquered. Plus he has the baby football hold down pat.

The Bravo producer also remains sharp and funny on his show Watch What Happens Live. He shares plenty of sweet videos snuggling with his newborn son, Benjamin too.

Andy Cohen | Photo by Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Most recently, Cohen managed another task most parents face early on: the multi-task walk. Just about every parent knows an outing with baby means more than just you and your child. You’ll be juggling a number of items. Not to mention the family dog. Cohen insists he’s still figuring it out, but he looks like a pro.

The juggle struggle is real

New parents are often shocked to learn their carefree days of just bolting out the door are vaporized. Babies like to travel with their own version of an Erika Jayne glam squad. This includes a diaper bag stocked with backup diapers, wipes, bottles, and whatever else they need to travel.

Also, a good stroller is a must. Cohen remarked in a recent Instagram video that he’s digging his new stroller ride. “This carriage glides man!” he exclaimed. “It’s a glider!” A stroller that can turn a corner on a dime is essential when navigating busy streets. Plus a carriage that provides room for bags and other items will reduce the amount exhausted parents have to carry.

But don’t be fooled by the compartments and gadgets aimed at making your life easier. You’ll still be juggling and multi-tasking your way down the street.

Cohen says he’s still learning…

But he seems to be doing extremely well multi-tasking on a recent walk. He managed to post to his Instagram story, while at the same time walking his dog Wacha and pushing the baby stroller. Not easy.

“Assuming at some point I’m going to master the carriage and him [pointing the camera at Wacha], but right now, it ain’t that easy,” Cohen said. If this is his first shot at trying to do all three at once, he’s farther ahead than the rest of us.

Babies are unpredictable

Other new parents know how hard it is when first introduced to having to constantly multi-task their new life with baby. Sometimes it isn’t bags and dogs you are juggling. But instead trying to quell an tantrum while at the same time trying to get the baby to nap.

“Just the other day, after lunch, I took my son out in his stroller for a couple of laps around a nearby park in my downtown New York neighborhood,” Ariel Foxman recently wrote in The Oprah Magazine. “I was trying to both diffuse a tantrum and soothe him into an afternoon nap.”

If the stroller doesn’t work, you can always do what Cohen has done before too. He shot a photo recently going “hands-free” using a snuggling body baby carrier. Plus he was walking Wacha. “I’m officially That Guy,” he hilariously wrote.

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