Andy Cohen Refutes Claims He Told Lisa Rinna from ‘RHOBH’ to ‘Drag Lisa Vanderpump’

Bravo producer Andy Cohen was called out on Twitter after a video was posted of him allegedly telling Watch What Happens Live guests to “drag Lisa Vanderpump” as the show opened.

Cohen is seen enthusiastically leaning over toward Lisa Rinna from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before he introduced the evening’s guests. He seems to be wrapping up a full sentence but ends with, “and drag Lisa Vanderpump.”

Lisa Vanderpump and Andy Cohen
Lisa Vanderpump and Andy Cohen | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

A Twitter user alleged that Cohen was telling Rinna to actually “drag” her former cast member. Did he or was he talking about something else entirely?

‘Drag Lisa Vanderpump?’

A tweet about what Cohen said asserted he was caught telling Rinna to go after Vanderpump. “So why is nobody talking about how @Andy told @lisarinna to ‘drag @LisaVanderpump’ before he realized he was live tonight on #WWHL? He’s so two faced and manipulative,” the Twitter user wrote. “Just look at what he did to @kathygriffin and stop acting like he’s not a slimy opportunist.”

The tweet included the video clip that was shown at the beginning of the show. Cohen was eager to clear up the confusion. “The beginning of what I said was that on the Bravo Float at World Pride we are having a “Drag Lisa Rinna, Drag Erica Jayne, and a Drag Lisa Vanderpump… meaning Drag Queens playing those women. It’s going to be amazing.”

Lisa Vanderpump |Photo by Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

Fans saw the thread and many demanded Cohen be issued an apology. But some are still convinced Cohen told Rinna to drag (or roast) Vanderpump. “YOU can apologize to ME for twisting my words,” Cohen wrote. “And come see the drag queens on our float!”

The drag queens are coming

Cohen was actually talking about the fun alter-ego drag queens who will be accompanying the Bravolebs on the network’s Pride float. Drag versions of Erika Jayne, Captain Sandy Yawn, Lisa Rinna, and Lisa Vanderpump will all be on the float. No wonder Cohen was so excited.

Many of the drag personalities have appeared on WWHL in the past. “I think as far as NYC queens, I’m one of the top three record holders for appearances on WWHL,” Chelsea Piers told Bravo’s Personal Space. Piers will appear as Erika Jayne for Pride.

Fans can expect to also see Ginger Snap as Yawn from Below Deck Mediterranean. Plus, Jackie Cox as Rinna and Paige Turner as Vanderpump. Turner told Personal Space she loves Vanderpump’s style. “I actually love how opposite she is of my usual style, which makes it fun for me. Lisa has a style all her own and is big on branding — you definitely get that right away with her in her look. I’m also always a blonde as my drag persona Paige Turner, so brown hair is super fun to switch it up.”

In addition to the fabulous queens, Bravo will feature a growing list of the network’s personalities. Gay Shark is slated to appear. Plus favorites from Southern Charm, Shaws of Sunset, and nearly every Real Housewife franchise.