Andy Cohen’s Dog Wacha Ate a Baby Toy But That Doesn’t Mean He is Jealous

Sometimes a Torah toy (really is) just a Torah toy. Bravo producer Andy Cohen’s fans took their parenting concerns to DEFCON 1 after viewing a comical video of his dog Wacha’s post-romp with a baby toy.

Cohen featured his blissed-out pup surrounded by plush toy fluff in his Instagram story. Apparently, Wacha found baby Benjamin’s Torah toy and went to town on it. The video was nothing short of funny, but some expressed serious concern that the dog may be feeling a little left out of Cohen’s life. Wacha has been Cohen’s first “baby” for years, so fans were worried maybe Wacha was acting out.

After being flooded with direct messages, Cohen responded that his dog is not jealous. It was just a toy and that everyone needed to chill out: sometimes a Torah toy is just a Torah toy.

Andy Cohen and dog Wacha | Getty Images

Cohen is totally right

Can your dog be jealous of your newborn baby? Not really, Holly Blakney, professional dog trainer and owner of Hollywoof Training & Animal Actors, told The Cheat Sheet. “People sometimes think that dogs do things like get back at people for having a baby by tearing something up or destroying it,” she remarks. “When it is really just a stress behavior. It comes down to routine changes or changes in the dog’s environment.”

Plus, toys are toys in dogland. “If we keep things in the dog’s reach on the floor, where all their stuff is that they can access, they are going to get to it,” Blakney, who recently had a baby, said. “If the dog did that to a shoe, no one would have probably said anything about a shoe being destroyed.”

Cohen also gave everyone some space to adapt

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Blakney added that forcing your dog to meet and love your baby right away is not the best way to introduce a new baby to your dog. “The best thing you can do for your dog when you have a new baby is to give him space,” she says. Which is exactly what Cohen did.

“Wacha has not met Benjamin yet,” Cohen recently told People.“I want to get Benjamin acclimated to the space and get us acclimated to everything.”

“And then that dog is going to bound in here in a few days. He’ll be back,” Cohen added. “There’s gonna be a bris [a Jewish circumcision ceremony], and then the dog will appear.”

Here’s the best way to prepare your dog for a new baby

Holly Blakney | Photo credit: Holly Blakney

Blakney says that new parents should prepare their dog three to five months before the baby arrives. “This includes changing the dog’s schedule,” she remarks. If their walk or feeding schedule will change with the new baby, make those changes far ahead of time.

“I have a ton of clients who insist they will keep their dog’s schedule the same,” she laughs. “I tell them good luck with that. It never works.” But if you change the dog’s schedule beforehand it better prepares everyone for the changes that lie ahead.

Put up baby gates now if you plan to have areas that will be off limits to the dog. Let your dog see you hanging out in the restricted area for a certain time period behind the gates. The more the dog is acclimated to changes, the better he’ll adjust when the new addition arrives home.

For more information about how to prepare your dog for a new baby, check out Blakney’s comprehensive tutorial she created for Spectra Baby USA.

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