Angelina Jolie and Bradley Cooper Dating? Don’t Believe the Rumors

Celebrity dating rumors are everywhere, but it’s always important to note that they could be baseless and untrue. Take, for example, the recent reports of Angelina Jolie and Bradley Cooper’s romance. The two movie stars were linked together in the tabloids, and there were stories about how Jolie is ready to snag Cooper after her divorce from Brad Pitt. While the rumors sound very juicy, the truth is that Jolie and Cooper are not dating each other. 

Where did the Angelina Jolie and Bradley Cooper dating rumor come from?

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Jolie and Cooper both went to Disneyland on August 23 with their respective children, which got the tabloids in a frenzy. Although there was no report of them even meeting each other, In Touch published a story about how they ran into each other and sparks flew.

A source apparently told In Touch that Jolie “saw how amazing Bradley was with his daughter” and quickly became attracted to him. The two also realized that they have a lot in common: both are famous actors who occasionally work behind the camera as directors.

“She hasn’t stopped thinking about him,” the source continued. “Angie’s now on a mission to date Bradley.”

The insider also shared that, additionally, Jolie likes the fact that Cooper is friends with her ex-husband Brad Pitt. “When it comes to getting revenge, you don’t get much better than hooking up with your ex-husband’s close friend,” said the source.

But it was not just In Touch that pushed this story about Jolie and Cooper. New Idea wrote about the supposed fling as well. Meanwhile, OK! Australia recently claimed that Jolie is getting close to Cooper to help her cope with her son Maddox going to college.

Why Angelina Jolie and Bradley Cooper are not dating each other

Gossip Cop debunked these baseless stories about Jolie and Cooper, stating that there is nothing to prove that they are dating other than the fact that both stars happened to be at Disneyland on the same day. Moreover, Gossip Cop pointed out that they did not even seem to meet each other at the park.

“If the two had truly spent any time together at the theme park, it’s nearly impossible they wouldn’t have been spotted together, especially considering that both were spotted on their own,” the site wrote.

According to Gossip Cop, a real source close to Jolie responded and said that these rumors are “total nonsense.”

Could Angelina Jolie and Bradley Cooper be dating anyone else?

Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt in 2016 and Cooper broke up with Irina Shayk a few months ago. As such, it’s understandable that fans and the press are curious to know who they could fall in love next. However, it does not seem like either Jolie or Cooper has a special someone at the moment.

Jolie is still going through a tough custody battle with Pitt, so it’s likely that she is focusing on her current family matters. This was confirmed by a source, who told People last year: “She is absolutely not seeing anyone and will not be. She will focus only on their children and being with them. She has no interest in dating at all.”

Jolie also will appear in Marvel’s The Eternals, which means that she has an important project in her career to take care of. Between this and her children, there’s a good chance that Jolie simply does not have time or interest in dating right now.

While it is not known where Cooper stands on the prospect of dating, he definitely has a busy career to focus on as well. He is set to star in and direct a biopic about composer Leonard Bernstein, which should start shooting soon.