Angelina Jolie’s Kids: Who Gets Custody After Divorce With Brad Pitt?

Many people probably think the drama between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is almost forgotten history after both have seemingly moved on. In truth, it’s still a bit up in the air considering official custody of their kids had no official declaration.

While this still pends, it’s painful to see the discord we’ve seen created with Jolie and Pitt’s kids. Some of them have reportedly disowned Pitt, despite other sources saying this isn’t true.

How will this all inevitably settle? Let’s go back and see what’s at stake to create family peace.

The custody battle still goes on, despite the divorce two years ago

Us Magazine recently brought up the sad reminder that the custody issues between Jolie and Pitt are still being ironed out. It often doesn’t take two years to sort out such things, but this is a complicated family situation.

When you look back and see why, you might come to the realization it could take another year or more before a proper custody plan is put in place.

The biggest problem now is the divide over the six kids on wanting to be around Brad Pitt. Earlier this year, we reported on the initial court battle last summer and how the judge persuaded Pitt & Jolie to come to some kind of amicable agreement. It was hoped they’d do so for the betterment of their kids.

Everything turned chaotic when there was an accusation Pitt wasn’t providing proper child support.

Pitt says he’s paid out millions to Jolie and the kids

Not surprisingly, Pitt fought back on the above accusations he wasn’t providing the money he was told to pay. He said he’d paid out millions over a year’s time and beyond what the original agreement was.

Despite financial records to back this up, at least three out of the six kids seem a bit mixed about wanting to spend time with their dad. This last holiday season, they spent time with Pitt through a monitored system. The process was set up by Pitt for a brief time to prove to Jolie he could be a responsible father.

Since then, there’s still no complete agreement on final terms with the kids, outside of a joint custody agreement made in December.

What should really happen here, other than continuing to work with a child custody evaluator? Things still turned contentious with Pitt not being happy about Jolie taking their kids to a red carpet event for recently released Dumbo.

Is the joint custody process the only way toward an agreement?

That December joint custody agreement seemed like an amicable solution since it would give Pitt and Jolie equal time with their children. In April, they both were able to declare themselves officially single while still admitting they need to work out their divorce proceedings.

By the time they do, most of their kids may be adults and be able to make their own decisions. A couple of them are already becoming close to turning 18, though have a couple of years to go.

When you add in the reality three of the kids don’t seem to want to be around their father, should Pitt really force them to be in his custody part of the time? Nobody knows how they really feel, but some reports contend Maddox, Pax, and Zahara just tolerated being with their dad during Christmastime.

As a parent, maybe it’s best to look at what the kids really want and not force them to live with you if they don’t really want it. As painful as this is to face, it may end up this way once they turn 18 and we see who their real allegiance is to, including a possible reveal in interviews.