Angry ‘Star Wars’ Fans Take George Lucas’s ‘Disappointment’ to Heart

The divide within the Star Wars community is arguably just as wide as the real political divides harming the United States. 

Part of this divide involves the franchise’s creator, George Lucas. He’s been the prime example of how a creator of a fantasy world ultimately loses control of their work and takes on a life of its own through fans. You can almost deem that a creative hijack if you must.

Some of these fans won’t stand for Lucas criticizing the new trilogy, despite GL despising The Force Awakens because it betrayed his own abandoned story ideas. Those who opposed the new changes might stand up for Lucas, though, even if there’s a double standard there.

There’s a growing contingent who agree with Lucas

Bob Iger and George Lucas on the Millennium Falcon
Bob Iger and George Lucas | Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort

Many Star Wars apparently knew what many others didn’t until now: George Lucas  felt betrayed by Bob Iger, J.J. Abrams, and Kathleen Kennedy when Disney took control of Star Wars. Lucas had given Disney outlines of where he wanted the next trilogy to go.

These detailed outlines have been rumored about for years, and now we know Lucas really did have a complete story in mind.

His ideas involved the microbiological world where The Whills and midi-chlorians were the ones controlling how The Force worked. The bodies of all the main characters were mere vessels being controlled, much like inherited DNA often influences us to do things we don’t realize we’re doing.

No one can argue this examination of free will wasn’t an intriguing idea and one potentially making everyone happy in the creative directions. Or, it might have seemed too safe by those who stand up for the ideas J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson championed.

Those who stand up for Lucas are forgetting they hated the prequels

It seems there’s a double standard for everything, including standing up for the creator of a pop culture franchise with controversial creative directions. Those agreeing with Lucas now in thinking his stories would have been better might have conveniently forgotten about those pesky prequels real Star Wars mostly opposed.

You’ll find a few critics who found merit in the prequels, including those nowadays who think they predicted everything in where we are in our real-world politics.

Maybe Lucas really was prognosticating, despite the films still having a basic good vs. evil core some found too simplistic. His ideas for this new trilogy did have more complexity, making us wonder if they shouldn’t have gone on this path after all.

There are enough fans who agreed with where the new trilogy went to not make it a creative tragedy.

Is Lucas still involved with ‘Star Wars’?

If Lucas ultimately wasn’t pleased with the new trilogy’s direction, it perhaps wasn’t too late to have him work as a hidden consultant, something apparently happening for upcoming The Rise of Skywalker.

Many reports from recent months have said Lucas worked with J.J. Abrams on the script for Episode IX, making us wonder if he’ll ultimately have the final word anyway, or at least of sorts.

Bob Iger might have found some way to patch up their initial riff by having this happen. Lucas still would have had to find a way to include his ideas into a plot that did a 360 from where he was going.

Evidence suggests the return of Palpatine will occur as the result of Lucas’s own idea. If this holds up, then this means Star Wars ultimately had its own meta battle going on behind the scenes where the initial Force was lost and taken back (to some degree) by its original founder.

These blurred lines are what the new trilogy has been exploring anyway, essentially finding a way to meld both creative ideas into something more perpetually relevant.