Animal Planet Is Doing Its Part To Help You Forget Your Coronavirus Fears

As the Coronavirus spreads across the globe, the situation looks bleak. Nonstop news coverage is doing nothing to calm the fears of the general public. As more countries enter mandatory lockdowns, the situation is getting more anxiety-inducing by the second. Animal Planet wants to help. They have decided to air 94 hours of their famed show, Too Cute. If anything will get you through moments of panic, it’s cute kittens and puppies.

What is Too Cute about?

Too Cute is a series that ran on Animal Planet from 2011 until 2017. Each episode followed the lives of young animals, from their birth up until their first few months of life. The show was shot from on the floor, so fans could get the perfect shot of the puppies and kittens as they grew from newborns until they were ready to head to their new families.

While the series covered mostly purebred puppies and kittens, other animals were also featured. One episode, for example, followed the early lives of sloths, while another focused on pygmy goats. No matter the animal, every episode was just too cute.

When does the marathon start?

The marathon began on March 18 and will run through March 21. If you miss a chance to check out the puppies and kittens during the network’s marathon, you can queue up shows on several streaming platforms, too. It may be an excellent way to avoid the non-stop Coronavirus coverage, at the very least.

Hulu offers the show on-demand, as does Amazon Prime Video. Animal Planet also offers streaming episodes directly on their website. Animal Planet has several other series that may calm your nerves, too. Tanked, for example, follows a family as they craft custom fish tanks for the rich and famous and corporate clients. Tanked was canceled in 2019; however, it’s available for streaming on Hulu.

What other channels are airing specials during the pandemic?

Animal Planet isn’t the only network doing their part. Hallmark announced that they, too, will add special content to help people pass the time. They will be running a backlog of Christmas movies in an attempt to help people find a little bit of joy.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the marathon will begin on March 20 and will air 27 of the network’s original Christmas movies. The marathon will run through March 22. The final movie airing, Christmas In Rome, stars Lacey Chabert.