Anna Duggar’s Latest Instagram Post Reveals She Has a Hard Time Making Friends

Making new friends when you’re a mother is no easy task. Between spending all your time caring for your children and your world revolving around their demanding schedules, the cliché goes that mothers barely have time to make a cup of coffee. As for developing and sustaining friendships? Forget it.

It’s bad enough having one child, but when you’ve got a large family the problem is even worse. Just ask Anna Duggar, who recently revealed on Instagram that she struggles with this very real issue. The mother of five (soon to be six) opened up about the one thing she found to connect with other mothers who weren’t part of her family.

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Anna Duggar has faced plenty of hardship in her marriage

When it comes to marriage and children, it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for Anna Duggar. She and Josh Duggar married in 2008 but not long after, the oldest Duggar son was accused of sexual abuse of young girls including his own sisters. As if that wasn’t enough, he later got caught committing the sin of infidelity by using an Ashley Madison account. The website caters to married people seeking affairs.

Despite all these transgressions, Anna Duggar forgave her husband and decided to stay with him. “For nearly the last two years, we have quietly worked to save our marriage, focus on our children, and rebuild our lives together as a family,” the couple wrote in a statement on the family’s website after the incident.

Anna Duggar
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Now Anna is focused on her family, not making friends

No matter what secrets lurk in a marriage, it’s almost impossible for busy moms to find time to cultivate friendships. That’s why Anna Duggar made an Instagram post talking about the real issue.

Anna Duggar explains that her son Mason was diagnosed with a peanut allergy. While doing online research on the topic, she came across an app that serves like a “Tinder for moms” who want to make friends and get advice. As Anna explains,

“Connecting with like-minded moms who are walking through the same thing as me has helped me find answers, solutions and support. If you’re like me, you probably find yourself looking for mommy answers on a regular basis. @peanut helps you build your community to connect, grow and learn together. No matter what stage of parenting you’re in right now, I recommend you download the app! It’s a must-have for all mamas!”

Making connections is essential for all women

One common parenting platitude is that “it takes a village” to raise a child. Anna Duggar may have the benefit of a large family, but a little outside perspective can be helpful, too. Clearly, she’s found that by making new mom friends in this very modern way—by matchmaking her way to new friendships.

With yet another baby coming soon, it sounds like Anna Duggar can use all the help she can get. It’s great to see her reaching out and forging connections with moms from all walks of life!