Anne Hathaway Wins Viral #PillowChallenge With Her ‘Princess Diaries’ Spin

Anne Hathaway has come a long way from Genovia. The former Princess Diaries star may have gotten her start in the popular movie franchise, but now she’s pure A list. Still, fans love how down to earth she seems. In fact, a recent Instagram post from Hathaway has fans loving her even more. 

In her response to the #PillowChallenge, Hathaway proves she hasn’t forgotten where she came from, no matter how much of a big celeb she is now. 

Anne Hathaway gave a nod to Mia Thermopolis 

Hathaway impressed fans with her recent recreation of the movie poster for The Princess DiariesThe star posted her take on the #PillowChallenge on Instagram on April 22nd. In the pic, she’s wearing a dress made out of three pillows, two white and one blue. The pillows are presumably cinched with a belt or a piece of string, but it’s obscured from view by the fluff of the pillows.

Hathaway gave herself an elegant empire waist and added accessories that her character in The Princess Diaries, Mia Thermopolis, would have approved of. She donned boots identical to Mia Thermopolis’ gaudy combat boots. Plus she wore headphones and sunglasses, just like in the movie poster. 

If viewers weren’t sure if Hathaway’s Mia Thermopolis reference was intentional, her caption proved it. She wrote, “A Queen is never late; everyone else is simply early,” one of her co-star Julie Andrew’s most famous lines from the film. 

What is the #PillowChallenge?

Hathaway’s quote wasn’t just a throwback to The Princess Diaries. It was also a reference to the fact that when it comes to the #PillowChallenge, Hathaway is actually late to the party. Or rather, everyone else was early. Quite a few other stars have gotten in on the #PillowChallenge action, including Halle Berry and Tracee Ellis Ross

Basically the #PillowChallenge is pretty simple. In a way, it’s the epitome of quarantine boredom. Participants just try to make clothes out of pillows, then they post the pic to Instagram. 

There are all kinds of pillow styles out there. Berry’s interpretation was pretty classic. She essentially made a traditional little black dress, but out of a pillow. Her black pillow is tied around her with a black belt, and she has a black hat and black sunglasses to match. 

Ellis Ross’ photo is more artistic. She’s sitting on a desk with her legs spread. She has a pillow covering her, but unlike Hathaway and Berry’s interpretations, it can’t really be considered clothes. She does look powerful and soft at the same time, which gives her pic a quality the others don’t have.  

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Am I too late? #pillowchallenge

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All this goes to show that there’s more than one way to complete the #PillowChallenge, and all of them are right. 

Fans think Anne Hathaway’s take on the #PillowChallenge is the best 

Anne Hathaway attends the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards.
Anne Hathaway | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Even though other interpretations of the #PillowChallenge show impressive creativity, Hathaway’s is a fan favorite. Even the writers at Architectural Digest think the challenge has pretty much peaked with Hathaway’s entry. 

The Instagram comments prove that The Princess Diaries has staying power. Fans loved the reference to one of Hathaway’s earlier characters. Some fans thought that the post was a great pick-me-up in these troubling times. One fan wrote: “This caption is really everything I needed right now.”

Another fan wrote, “With leadership like this, I’m moving to Genovia,” a reference to the fictional country in the movie. 

It seems like the competition for the winner of the #PillowChallenge just got a whole lot stiffer. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could top Hathaway’s pic. But with everyone stuck inside, there’s plenty of time to think of something.