Anne Hathaway’s New Film Mixes ‘Titanic’ Tragedy With Murder

Jason Merritt/Getty Images
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Anne Hathaway has already explored space in Interstellar and soon she may also face the high seas. The Oscar-winning actress has been attached to star in the upcoming survival drama, The Lifeboat, for some time now, but the project may now be taking a major step forward. According to Deadline, acclaimed director Joe Wright is now in talks to helm the film, which is based on Charlotte Rogan’s 2013 book of the same name.

The Lifeboat follows the story of Grace Winter, a young newlywed-turned-widow, who is put on trial for murder in 1914. Prior to standing trial, the woman and her new husband had been passengers on the Empress, a ship sailing across the Atlantic. When an explosion sinks the liner, she is transferred to a lifeboat, only to discover that there are too many people on board. As time goes on and the stranded passengers await to be rescued, a power struggle develops between those on board and it quickly becomes clear that not everyone can survive.

In addition to taking on the lead role of Grace, Hathaway is also set to serve as a producer alongside Film 360, Working Title, and Focus Features, the latter two of which first acquired the rights to bring Rogan’s book to screen in 2013. William Broyles Jr., the scribe behind Apollo 13 and Castaway, is already set to write the script. With Wright now expressing interest in the project, the directorial piece of the puzzle may soon also be filled.

As Deadline reports, Wright is currently only in talks to take on the film and has yet to officially close a deal. Still, his possible participation is already sparking some buzz and it’s not hard to see why. Pairing two critically acclaimed Hollywood heavyweights like Hathaway and Wright certainly seems it will make for a compelling drama.

For his part, Wright has plenty of experience helming period dramas. He is best known for his work on the 2005 romance film Pride & Prejudice, the 2007 Academy Award-nominated romantic drama Atonement, and the 2012 adaptation of the classic novel, Anna Karenina. All three of the titles not only earned critical praise, but also performed well commercially. Whether he’ll continue that streak with The Lifeboat remains to be seen, but he certainly seems like a good match for the film.

As for Hathaway, the news comes as the actress remains busier than ever. She’ll next appear on the big screen opposite Robert DeNiro in the September comedy, The Intern. She’s also set to reprise her role as the White Queen alongside Johnny Depp in Disney’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass, which is scheduled to arrive to theaters next spring.

Also on the pipeline for Hathaway? The actress is reportedly in talks to star in the drama thriller The Burning Woman, expected to premiere sometime in 2017. Most recently, she also signed on to star in Colossal, a developing drama that has been described as a mash-up between Godzilla and Lost in Translation.

Meanwhile, Wright’s next directorial effort is Pan, the upcoming Peter Pan origin story from Warner Bros that’s set to hit theaters in October.

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