Another ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Deleted Scene Shows 2 Beloved Characters Switch Places

Disney + has Avengers: Endgame ready for fans to stream whenever they want. Along with it are extras, like commentaries from the producers.

But, the bonus deleted scenes from the movie are what the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are giddy about. One, in particular, is especially interesting.

The one that shows us Star-Lord and Iron Man switching roles in a scene that reminds us of one from the Infinity War. Screen Rant shares how the two scenes are similar.

Star-Lord and Iron Man’s original scene in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Chris Pratt at World Premiere Of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures "Avengers: Endgame"
Chris Pratt | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Thanos was working on getting the remaining stones for his gauntlet when he runs into Iron Man, Star-Lord, and the rest of the team on Titan. The Avengers, assembled there, planned to get the gauntlet away from him, but he fought back, making it difficult for the team.

A huge battle ensued. Towards the end, Dr. Strange opened a portal above Thanos, dropping Mantis onto his head. She quickly used her empathetic powers to subdue him, but barely.

While they restrained him, The Avengers moved in to take the gauntlet. Star-Lord intervened to ask Thanos where Gamora was. When Thanos revealed that he had killed her, Star-Lord became enraged.

Tony, keeping his cool and knowing what would happen next, plead with him not to lose control, but it was to no avail. Star-Lord started punching Thanos, which ultimately broke the hold they had on him, allowing him to escape to the earth to go after the last stone.

The deleted scene from ‘Avengers: Endgame’ that switched their roles

The producers of the Endgame film roughly shot a scene, that takes place in the trench while the battle rages on around The Avengers. Everyone discusses how they will get the stones back into the past.

Ant-Man reveals his van was also a time machine and using his key fob, he sets off the van’s horn, showing that it’s still in one piece and not that far away. As the team looks on they find that there are hordes of enemy soldiers surrounding it, so they try to come up with a plan to get to it.

The roles switched for Iron Man and Star-Lord here, when Dr. Strange steps forward toward Tony Stark. Tony, in his emotional state, caused by the battle, greets him rather snarkily.

He reminds Strange of the millions of possible outcomes he saw in his vision, five years ago, with only one ending in their favor. So, he demands Strange to tell him how it happened. The powerful wizard replies that if he told him, it would not happen.

Tony, angrily grabs him and asks, again, which one of those visions shows them winning. Star-Lord, remaining calm in all the confusion, steps in between the two and pushes Tony away. He then turns to Strange, calling him ‘Dr. Weird’ and asks if he can conjure up a magical space hole that would bring them right to the van.

How the future may have looked if Star Lord’s breakdown didn’t happen in the ‘Infinity War’

Star Lord’s breakdown, when he found out that Gamora lost her life to Thanos, was necessary. Up to this point, he played a fairly cool guy who could stay calm in a lot of sticky situations. Having him lose control, for the loss of Gamora, played on his human side, giving his character more depth.

Without that breakdown, the movie would essentially end there. The gauntlet would go to the Avengers, and Thanos would have to deal with his failure. Instead, it gave us an emotional Star-Lord, and it opened up other failures that the Avengers, who remained on earth would go through.

One of them being Thor, who was hard on himself for not decapitating Thanos when he had the chance. Basically, it reminded us that even superheroes have their bad days.

While the deleted scene wouldn’t really have added anything to the storyline in Endgame, it was interesting to know that the producers toyed with the idea of switching the roles between the two characters. In the end, most fans like what the writers and producers gave us in the last installment of this Avengers story.