Another MCU Fan Theory Speculates Odin Once Hunted for the Infinity Stones

The Infinity Stones caused a great deal of trouble for the Avengers, but as great as their threat eventually became, they were already on the scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, long before casual fans noticed. Now, more than casual fans are speculating about the stones’ past.

Much has been said about what the stones mean and what each of their powers are. Some of our heroes, including Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch, derive their power directly from the stones. But even gods can get preoccupied with them.

What does the fan theory say? 

Kevin Feige speaks onstage
Kevin Feige | Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

On that fan theory factory known as Reddit, a fan came up with a connection between the stones and Thor’s father, Odin, played by Anthony Hopkins in the movies. The theory also involves Hela, the villain in Thor: Ragnarok The fan admits something a lot of theorizers don’t: 

“(So the rest is just speculation with little to no proof.) I believe that someone made a gauntlet, got all six stones and did something bad enough to get Odin and Hela involved they probably worked with the masters of the mystic arts, Olympians, Eternals, Celestials and many other people. After they got the stones they separated them so they could never be reunited, Odin got the space stone, the master of the mystic arts got the time stone, the people of Morag got the power stone and so on and so forth. Odin then made a fake gauntlet so anybody looking for the stones would be found and killed.” 

Fans quite liked this theory, with one saying this was his own “headcanon.” Another fan guessed that maybe Odin was on his own quest for the stones, just as Thanos had been, Still another fan said that because this fan is based on storytelling by Ragnarok director and jokester Taika Waititi, we shouldn’t take it too seriously. But what fun would that be?

What do the Infinity Stones mean?`

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The first Infinity Stone we saw became known by another name: the Tesseract, the battle for which came to a head in The Avengers. However, the Tesseract is the box. What gives it its power is the blue space stone inside, which allows whoever is holding it to teleport. It’s also what gave Captain Marvel her powers. 

The second key stone is the mind stone. It’s yellow, and it’s what powered Loki’s scepter, which allowed him to control Hawkeye and Erik Selvig. Later on, it’s what gives Vision his powers, and he dies after Thanos steals it to complete his collection. 

The other stones are the Reality Stone (red), which gave Scarlet Witch her powers, the Power Stone (purple), the Time Stone (green), and the Soul Stone (orange). It was the quest for the last one that led to Gamora and Black Widow’s deaths.

Will we see the Infinity Stones again?

Now that the Infinity Stones are back where they should be, thanks to a bit of time traveling by, of all people, Captain America, fans have wondered how much of the Infinity Stones we’ll see in the MCU going forward. Logically, it might seem like the stones are played out, but there is one way they’ll certainly come back and one way they might come back. 

The way they might come back is if we would someday see how Steve Rogers returned the stones. It has been suggested that this is one way Chris Evans could return as Captain America, although the actor has made it clear his time with Marvel is over. He hasn’t ruled out a return, but he has said the reason for a return would have to be unusually compelling. 

Even without Steve Rogers, the forthcoming Loki series would have to include at least the space stone, because we saw Loki disappear with it in the altered timeline from the original Avengers movie. We’ll find out how that plays out when the Loki series premieres sometime next year.