‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ Has Some of the Best ‘Star Power’ in the MCU

You can’t go into one entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe without seeing at least one great actor. Some absolute legends of stage and screen have appeared in supporting roles in roles you’d never expect. Anthony Hopkins plays Odin, father of Thor.

Tommy Lee Jones popped up next to Captain America. Jeff Bridges dueled with Iron Man. Michael Keaton sparred with the web-slinger, Spider-Man.

All of these actors would be just as comfortable accepting an Academy Award as they were within the MCU. 

One of the MCU’s more comedic franchises is Ant-Man. As funny as it can be, however, make no mistake: the Ant-Man films have some of the best actors working in them. Here’s why Ant-Man and the Wasp had some of the best star power in the MCU. 

The ‘Ant-Man’ series in the MCU

Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

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The Ant-Man series of films revolves around Scott Lang, a former criminal turned good guy played by Paul Rudd. His mentor in the movies is Dr. Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas. In Marvel Comics, Pym is traditionally the man behind Ant-Man, though Lang did originate in the comics as well.

The MCU changed the characters a bit to serve the storyline. Here, Pym is one of the first superheroes of the MCU. He’s active with SHIELD years before the events of the MCU films. 

The films see Lang don the Ant-Man costume, shrinking (or growing) to battle a litany of villains. Eventually, Pym’s daughter, Hope Van Dyne, joins the action as the Wasp. 

The plot of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’

The plot of Ant-Man and the Wasp picks up after the events of Captain America: Civil War. Lang is under house arrest while Pym and Van Dyne are on the run. Eventually, they hope to rescue Janet Van Dyne, Pym’s wife and Hope’s mother, from the Quantum Realm.

They’re thwarted by a villain named Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen) and her mentor, Dr. Bill Foster. They hope to rid Ghost of an incurable affliction and need Janet to find the cure.

The movie strikes the right balance between being funny and action-packed. It also features plenty of great performances by a star-studded cast. After viewing the film, some MCU fans think it may have the most star power of all the MCU entries. 

The star power of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’

A Reddit thread showing a behind the scenes picture from Ant-Man and the Wasp’s filming showcased most of the stars of the film in one shot. One of the posters summed it up best: 

“The amount of star power in this movie is super underrated.”

When one thinks about it, this is true. Not only do you have the lead stars: Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly, both mega-talented in their own right. You also have Michael Pena, who’s proven himself to be a talented comedic and dramatic actor.

He serves as the comic relief here, but he’s been very good in many dramas as well. Hannah John-Kamen may not have the same cache as the others, but her turn in the movie shows she’s going to be a talent to be reckoned with for years to come. 

If those four weren’t enough, consider the other actors in the picture, including: 

  • Michael Douglas, the star of classics like Wall Street, Romancing the Stone and Falling Down
  • Michelle Pfeiffer, legendary star of Batman Returns, Age of Innocence, and Scarface
  • Laurence Fishburne, star of The Matrix and Boyz N the Hood

While Ant-Man and the Wasp may be looked at as one of the MCU’s lighter properties with a comedic touch, this film had some seriously heavy hitters in the acting department. It’s probably the main reason behind the film’s critical and commercial success.