‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ Will Bring 2 Important New Characters to the MCU

Marvel has now released two trailers for its upcoming superhero sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp. This will be the third MCU film of 2018 following Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity WarAnd although the major superhero team-up is what everyone is focused on, Ant-Man is shaping up to be an entertaining ride which could take a lot of people by surprise. It also looks like it may actually be key to the future of the MCU.

These first two trailers have given us a pretty good idea of what to expect, and they also give us a glimpse at two characters who are entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time.

1. The movie takes place in the aftermath of Captain America: Civil War

Ant-Man and Captain America

Ant-Man and Captain America | Marvel Studios

Right off the bat, the first trailer revealed something unique about this movie. Although it comes out after Infinity War, it takes place immediately after Civil War. Marvel movies generally don’t jump backward in time like that. But this explains how the studio is squeezing in an Ant-Man movie after the cliffhanger ending of Infinity War. 

In fact, the characters discuss Civil War right away. The trailer opens with Scott Lang asking Hope Pym if she would have helped out Captain America. “I guess we’ll never know,” she says. This can be interpreted as a bit of a meta joke, since Hope was originally supposed to be in Civil War. 

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2. Scott Lang is under house arrest

The events of Captain America: Civil War had serious repercussions

The events of Captain America: Civil War had serious repercussions. | Marvel Studios

Another way that the events of Civil War affect this movie is that as a result of helping out Captain America, Scott Lang is now under house arrest. You’ll recall that at the end of Captain America: Civil War, Scott Lang was in prison, but Steve Rogers broke him out. We get a look at Scott back home in this trailer. He now has a tracking device around his ankle and the FBI is searching his house.

Scott’s not the only one suffering due to his Civil War actions. In the trailer, Scott notes that people close to him have paid the price. Now, both Hank and Hope Pym are on the run, with Pym shrinking an entire office down and taking it with him like a suitcase. In fact, Scott, Hank, and Hope appear to be on the run from the FBI for the entire film, which will make this a fundamentally different movie than the first one.

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3. The movie will feature more ordinary objects shrinking and growing

A Pez dispenser is used as a weapon

A Pez dispenser is used as a weapon. | Marvel Studios

Some of the best scenes in Ant-Man — and in Captain America: Civil War — involved the characters shrinking down big objects or increasing the size of small objects. At the end of the original Ant-Man, for example, an actual ant becomes as big as a dog. And in Civil War, there’s a great scene where Scott makes a truck huge in order to throw at someone (though he mistakenly thought it was a water truck).

Director Peyton Reed used these moments somewhat sparingly in the original Ant-Man. But Reed seems to have realized how fun they are and has leaned into this in Ant-Man and the Wasp. The first trailer alone features three separate gags where something other than the characters increases or shrinks in size: first a building, then a car, then a Pez dispenser. There’s also a gag in the second trailer where Hope throws a giant salt shaker across the room. So expect a lot of these moments in the movie, with the characters now doing this on purpose rather than by pure accident.

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4. We get to see Hope Pym in action as the Wasp for the first time

The Wasp in action

The Wasp in action | Marvel Studios

The most satisfying part of the trailer is getting to see Hope Pym in action as the Wasp for the first time. The Wasp is the first female superhero in the MCU to get her name in the title of the movie. To quote Hope at the end of the original Ant-Man, it’s about time.

She looks great in the movie, and the clear highlight of the trailer is a moment where she shrinks down and runs across a knife. The trailer also teases Hope officially becoming Scott’s partner, with Scott becoming a bit jealous when Hank gives her even better technology than he has himself. Evangeline Lilly plays the Wasp, and after her role in Ant-Man and the Wasp, she will also be in Avengers 4.

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5. We get our first look at Goliath, a new character from the comics

Our first look at Goliath in the MCU

Our first look at Goliath in the MCU. | Marvel Studios

The first new character featured in the Ant-Man trailer is Goliath, a.k.a. Bill Foster. Laurence Fishburne plays this comic book character in his MCU debut. In the comics, after originally working for Tony Stark, Bill Foster is hired by Hank Pym to be his lab assistant. Later, his storyline was separated from Hank Pym, and he became a superhero in his own right, taking on the name Black Goliath and being able to grow in size. He eventually takes the name Giant-Man.

Bill Foster also shows up in the film’s second trailer, during which he talks with Scott Lang about growing in size.

Goliath was actually a key part of the Civil War storyline in the comics. He sided with Captain America but was ultimately killed. Never before has Goliath been adapted on screen, but that will change with Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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6. We also get our first look at Ghost, the film’s villain

Ghost, the villain of Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ghost, the villain of Ant-Man and the Wasp. | Marvel Studios

The other new comic book character that is teased in this trailer is Ghost, who will be the film’s main villain. In the comics, Ghost is first introduced in an Iron Man story. His backstory involves him being betrayed by the technology company he used to work for. As a result, he’s hell-bent on taking down similar corporations, and so he’s something of an anti-capitalist figure, which puts him at odds with Tony Stark. He wears an advanced suit that he designed, and he can use it to make objects either intangible or invisible. He can also hack into any electronic system that he comes across.

For this movie, the character of Ghost is a woman and will be played by Hannah John-Kamen. It’s unclear exactly what aspects of the comic book character are being retained, but the suit design is fairly similar to the comics.

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7. Could Goliath be connected to Ghost’s origin story?

Ghost in Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ghost in Ant-Man and the Wasp. | Marvel Studios

At one point in the trailer, we see a character who appears to be Ghost in a laboratory. She seems to be going under some sort of transformation, with her arm jumping back and forth suddenly. The movie then cuts to Goliath reacting. The trailer doesn’t fade to black before cutting to Goliath, which suggests that this is the same scene.

This all fits with the idea that Goliath may be involved in Ghost’s origin story. That would be something totally new to the movies, but perhaps in this version, Goliath is actually responsible for Ghost gaining her powers, either intentionally or not. Another theory is that Ghost is Goliath’s daughter in this adaptation, and their relationship can mirror the father-daughter relationship between Hank and Hope Pym.

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8. The movie is introducing more characters who aren’t in the trailers

The trailers have not really delved into a few key aspects of the movie. For example, they don’t feature any of Michelle Pfeiffer as Janet van Dyne, Hank Pym’s wife. Hank thought that he lost Janet after she shrunk into the Quantum Realm, but she will return in this movie.

Another character new for this movie is Sonny Burch, played by Walton Goggins. Sonny, in the comics, works for a technology company and attempts to use the Iron Man suit for his own advantage, although he clearly has a different role in this film. We can actually briefly see Goggins in the teaser trailer during a shot of a bunch of characters on a boat, but he is not highlighted specifically. Goggins’ character could be who Ghost is after, seeing as he’s exactly the kind of figure the comic book character would usually target.

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9. Scott will become Giant-Man again

Scott Lang becomes Giant-Man

Scott Lang becomes Giant-Man. | Marvel Studios

A huge moment in Captain America: Civil War comes when Ant-Man increases in size for the first time. Not only does he get bigger, but he gets giant, with this being a turning point in the airport battle.

It was unclear how often this power would be used in the future, especially considering how much it took out of Scott in Civil War. But it’s shown off in both trailers, with one shot featuring a giant Ant-Man looking down at a boat of people. What leads up to this scene is a mystery, but perhaps Scott ended up in the ocean and had to turn into Giant-Man so he wouldn’t drown. Regardless, it should be fun to see Scott turn giant againHopefully, someone has some orange slices handy.

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10. The characters travel into the Quantum Realm

The Quantum Realm

The Quantum Realm | Marvel Studios

A key plot in the movie will involve the Quantum Realm. There’s one shot here where we get a look at it, as our heroes have presumably shrunk down an attempt to rescue Janet. It looks a bit different than it did in Ant-Man, but perhaps the characters are shrunken down even further than before. It appears that there is some sort of craft here, presumably one that Hank has created, that allows them to safely travel to the Quantum Realm; we get another look at this craft earlier in the trailer, with a nearby Duracell battery making the size clear.

Evangeline Lilly had previously teased that the Quantum Realm would be a key part of this movie and potentially the next phase of the MCU. As she told Vanity Fair:

In Ant-Man and the Wasp, they are trying everything in their power to safely enter the Quantum Realm and return back from it because they have evidence from the first film that Scott Lang was able to do that. If he can do it, why can’t we? If we do succeed in Ant-Man and The Wasp, then that does open a whole entire new multi-verse to enter into and play around in. I’m not the story creator, so I can’t tell you what they’re going to do with that. But I definitely see the potential there.

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