‘Apocalypse Slough’: ‘Parks and Rec’ Fans’ World Isn’t Over

Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

While Parks and Rec is wrapping up its seventh and final season next month, fans of the mockumentary-style humor and funny actors now have a new show to look forward to. NBC will air the 10-episode upcoming series Apocalypse Slough from Sky, Deadline reports. The show is set to star Parks alum Rob Lowe and Megan Mullally as well as Jenna Fischer, who starred on the American version of The Office, and will be about an eccentric group of people dealing with the fact that a giant asteroid is about to hit Earth.

The characters cross paths when they all hole up in a bunker below the town of Slough, which is 20 miles west of London and was featured in the British version of The Office. There, they plan to watch the end of the world on TV.

The show sounds like it will feature the comedic talents of some of the actors fans of Parks and The Office have come to love. Mullally will be in arch-depravity mode as an unhinged white supremacist named Leanne who ends up finding her streetwise instincts make her very well-suited to surviving the end of times. Mullally’s hilarious guest appearances on Parks as Ron Swanson’s sex-crazed ex-wife Tammy Two as well as her longtime role on Will & Grace as the boozy and over-privileged Karen, show she’s at her best when playing loony characters.

Lowe is set to play Father Jude, who is being described as “the Vatican’s most rebellious priest.” He is the Vatican’s devil’s advocate, a position in the Catholic Church that detonates the priest responsible for arguing against candidates for sainthood. All irreverence aside, his character is deeply faithful and has much trouble grappling with what the world’s impending doom means for his religious beliefs. Lowe left Parks & Rec last season after playing the exercise-and-positivity-obsessed city manager Chris Traeger since Season 3, though he and fellow former cast member Rashida Jones are promised to appear in the final season.

Fischer will play a character named Rhonda, a mild-mannered former librarian who was thrown into a maximum security prison for a crime she didn’t commit. As the comet approaches, Rhonda must find her family before it’s too late. Leanne ends up taking Rhonda under her wing and although Rhonda is reluctant at first, Leanne is just the person she needs to help her. The chance to see Mullally and Fischer acting together promises a great comedy combination, as Fischer’s straight woman to Steve Carrell’s weirdo boss on The Office shows, she’ll make the perfect foil to Mullally’s lunatic white supremacist.

Other actors who’ve nabbed roles on the show include Yonderland’s Mathew Baynton, who will play Jamie, the depressed bank manager of Slough who still hasn’t gotten over his wife’s death seven years prior. His tough-but-loving mother will be played by Broadchurch’s Pauline Quirke. Game of Thrones’ Paul Fry will play Jamie’s pleasure-seeking best friend who encourages Jamie to enjoy what little bit of life they all have left and makes an outrageous bucket list to help them accomplish that task. Babylon’s Patterson Joseph is set to play a high-ranking U.S. general who has briefed the President on important military affairs.

While the premise sounds a bit bonkers, the people involved make it likely the show will be a comedic success, as often for comedies, the actors are more key than the plot (i.e. Seinfeld). We already know that some of these actors work well together and within this style of humor, and with the void left by Parks and Rec, audiences will be looking for a kooky new show to make them laugh.

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