Apple TV+: This Is One Semi-Brilliant Way Apple Will Boost Its Subscriber Numbers

The thought of trying out Apple TV+ might not sound enticing to everyone in a time when streaming choices are becoming almost annoyingly overwhelming. Nevertheless, anyone who happened to buy a new Apple device since September 10 will be able to enjoy Apple TV+ in an enticing way.

What isn’t known yet is how many took this offer since not everyone is an Apple adherent. Also, will the public take time to watch the content on Apple TV+ after a few, unexpected lukewarm reviews?

While Apple hyped up their shows to the skies, what will the outcome be for the company? Will millions of people stick with Apple, or will Disney+ and other platforms arriving later bring a more equal streaming field?

How to get a free year of Apple TV+

Apple TV+ logo on a TV screen
Apple TV+ logo | Chesnot/Getty Images

If absolutely needing to buy a new Apple device before the holiday season, now’s a good time to flash a credit card. Apple offered a free year of Apple TV+ if making that purchase, despite not lasting long.

According to Apple, there are only three months available to take the free year offer after purchasing the product. Those who purchased after the platform debuted on Nov. 1 also have three months, though the offer ends at the beginning of 2020.

Yes, call it brilliant marketing on the part of Apple for working out this deal. Having it happen just before the holidays was also perfect strategy since many people purchase Apple products during the Christmas season.

Perhaps this will boost the subscriber numbers for Apple TV+, whether people like the content or not. Maybe it won’t provide a completely accurate picture of how viewers feel about the service.

Then again, being equal with Netflix subscribers during the last quarter of this year (at least on paper) will also persuade naysayers to sign up.

Are the shows really worth seeing?

A few who’ve seen Apple’s The Morning Show had mixed opinion, if others still noting it’s a powerful watch. Others are raving about Dickinson (starring Hailee Steinfeld), not including See and For All Mankind.

There’s also some shows aimed directly for kids like Snoopy in Space, which looks to create a different angle for the classic Peanuts characters.

Having a free year of Apple TV+ will at least give plenty of opportunity to test out these shows and whether audiences want to spend time with the content in coming months and years.

One thing TMS does well is it gets into the mindset of network anchors to showcase how they view and react in the real world. It’s an indication of how thoughtful the programming is on the platform thanks to big budgets.

Apple’s forays into sci-fi as well show a willingness to have a diverse view of people, places, and time. By including elements of revisionist history in Dickinson and For All Mankind, there’s clearly something for everyone here, including a willingness to offer a family programming arm.

Apple programming isn’t trying to predict things

Some modern TV shows and movies try to predict the future, sometimes hitting the nail on the head when those predicted things come true later. The Morning Show and all the other Apple TV+ programming appear to be reflecting on current times from past and future settings.

Not that Netflix shows and even HBO haven’t been doing the same thing, sometimes directly through the lens of historical portrayals.

Apple seems to still understand the pulse of America and what they might want to see equal with what they want in tech products. Only in spring or summer of 2020 will everyone know whether audiences will maintain this after enjoying a free year.

By then, Disney+, HBO Max, and Quibi could end up changing the streaming game further, especially when elaborate free trial offers will likely become harder to resist.