Are Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin Friends Again? And Who Does Jill Speak To Most from ‘RHONYC?’

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Former Real Housewives of New York City BFFs Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin seem to have moved from not speaking to possibly rekindling their friendship. Maybe.

Previously Zarin and Frankel were joined at the hip on the show. But they had a falling out after Zarin didn’t think Frankel showed her a sufficient amount of love when her husband Bobby was diagnosed with cancer. At the same time, Frankel’s career exploded and her personal life heated up. The friends had several firey and cringe-worthy moments on the show as their relationship dissolved. What happened since their falling out and is there hope for their friendship? And who does Zarin confide in most from the show?

Was she fired or did she quit?

Following a tearful reunion, Zarin disappeared from the Real Housewives franchise. If you ask Zarin, she was fired from Bravo. “It felt like my funeral. I was heartbroken and I felt like [the network was] my parents and that when it was ‘Bethenny [vs.] Jill,’ you picked favorites,” Zarin said during the reunion show, US Weekly recounts. “I even felt [my dog] Ginger got it bad.”

And while Bravo never seems to outwardly assert they fire most of the cast members, they issued this statement to US Weekly at the time. “Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan and LuAnn DeLesseps will be returning for season five of The Real Housewives of New York City. We’ve had a fabulous run with all the ladies and appreciate them sharing their lives with our viewers. It is a friendly departure among the other ladies and we continue to have ongoing discussions with them.”

Years later the women reunite

Sadly, Zarin’s husband Bobby died from cancer in 2018. Zarin and Frankel’s bitter fight seemed to have cooled by then and Frankel attends the funeral. Bravo filmed a sweet exchange between the women after the service, plus Frankel issued a series of heartfelt, plus funny tweets about his passing.

The funeral was discussed during the RHONYC season 10 reunion, but the women accused Frankel of going for a publicity stunt. “What I thought was really bizarre…is that you told the production crew you wanted to film it. We all went without really to film it, we didn’t even know you were filming,” cast member, Ramona Singer said to Frankel, E News recounts.

Did they rekindle their friendship?

The women stopped speaking for a few years but now appear to be back in touch. Zarin told People in May that they are “all good.”

“I’ve talked to [Bethenny] a couple times, not on the phone [but] in texting. We’re all good. You know what? She’s busy; I’m busy. If I needed something, I feel like I could call her and say: ‘You know Bethenny, could you help me with this?’ And I did actually ask her for something and she did. And, vice versa. If she needed something from me I would totally help her. I feel like that line of communication is open and running both ways, so that’s good.”

This is who is Zarin’s wing woman

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Frankel may be more of a distant friend, however, Zarin turned to frenemy housewife, Ramona Singer for dating help. “I actually have asked her … I said to her, ‘You know, Ramona? You’re gonna have to take me out this summer … And hook me up,’” Zarin told US Weekly. “And I was kind of kidding. I wasn’t like, I need her to do it. So you know what her answer was to me? … ’I think I’m in a relationship right now. I’m not really sure. But I can’t if I am, but if I’m not, then I definitely will.’”

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