Are Beyoncé and Jay-Z Good Parents?

Raising children with a busy, super-star career can’t be easy. Especially when both parents are megastars in their own right. The paparazzi are everywhere, taking photos, and everything you do ends up in the news. All that pressure would make parenting extra hard.

How are Beyonce and Jay-Z doing with this task? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

How many kids do Beyonce and Jay-Z have?

Beyonce and Jay-Z
Beyonce and Jay-Z | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Global Citizen Festival: Mandela 100

After over a decade of marriage, Beyonce and Jay-Z are still going strong. They married in 2008, in a super-secret, and intimate wedding. The couple now have three children. Their eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, is six years old, and then there’s Rumi and Sir, the couple’s one-year-old fraternal twins.

Beyonce’s pregnancy with the twins ended up being a difficult experience. Explaining the ordeal,

Beyonce said:

“My body went through more than I knew it could. I was 218 pounds the day I gave birth. I had an extremely difficult pregnancy, high blood pressure. I developed toxemia, preeclampsia, and in the room, one of my baby’s heartbeats paused a few times so I had to get an emergency c-section.”

Even with all of that, Beyonce and the babies made it through safe. And in typical super-star fashion, Beyonce made headlines shortly after the birth, when she released a fabulous photo of herself holding the twins, in a Madonna and child-style birth announcement.

Beyonce and Jay-Z make relationships with their kids a priority

Beyonce works hard to have a good relationship with her kids. When Blue Ivy was a baby, Beyonce said, “You know, my mother and I are so close, and I always prayed that I would have that type of relationship with my daughter And she’s still a baby, but the connection I had with her when I was giving birth was something that I’ve never felt before.”

She also told Vogue, “She’s [Blue Ivy] my road dog. She’s my homey, my best friend.”

Clearly Beyonce makes spending time with her daughter, and building a strong relationship, a priority. Which is probably hard to do, when you’re a busy, pop superstar.

Jay-Z also makes spending time with his kids a priority. In an interview with GQ, Jay-Z explained why he waited so long to have kids. He said he was rich enough to provide a good life for kids years ago, but he wanted to be rich enough to be present with them as well.

He wanted to have enough money to be able to take time off work and just spend time with the family, when needed. “Providing- that’s not love,’ he said. “Being there- that’s more important. I mean, we see that. We see that with all these rich socialites. They’re crying out for attention; they’re hurting for love. I’m not being judgemental- I’m just making an observation. They’re crying out for the love that maybe they didn’t get at home, and they got everything. All the material things that they need and want. So we know that’s not the key.”

Beyonce and Jay-Z teach their kids the value of money

Growing up in a household with as much wealth as Beyonce and Jay-Z, it would be difficult to stay grounded, and to truly understand the value of money. However, the couple are trying to make that a priority, as evidenced in a story ran by Forbes about the family.

Beyonce and Jay-Z brought Blue Ivy to a charity event, and allowed her to hold the paddle, bidding on the auction. As Forbes highlighted, they were teaching their daughter the value of money and the importance of charitable donations, with the event.

Are Jay-Z and Beyonce good parents?

The super-star couple seems to make raising their kids a priority- even over their careers. They take time to teach them, and have fun with them (as evidenced by all the photos of vacations and fun Halloween costumes).

We don’t know if Beyonce and Jay-Z are planning to have more kids in the future, but we can say, as far as the kids they have now, they seem to be doing a great job raising them.