Are Beyoncé and Jay-Z Vegan?

Anyone who’s seen enough concert documentaries knows the one showcasing Beyoncé’s 2018 Coachella performance (Homecoming) is one of the greatest ever produced. While Beyoncé will make a fortune off this new documentary, it’s also one of the most transparent ever done. We learn a lot of the harsh truths that came with Beyoncé maintaining her body shape so she could keep up with her physically demanding dance moves.

One thing we learned is the intense diet she went through, which included a form of veganism. Then again, this was a much more extreme diet going beyond merely shunning meat. Is it true Beyoncé is a continuing vegan and has Jay Z joined her?

Beyoncé hints at being a part-time vegan in the past

Let’s all remember something about Beyoncé: She was born in Houston, Texas where eating meat is almost a rite of passage. As some media outlets have noted, Beyoncé once said —during her Destiny’s Child days— that she can’t stay away from eating Popeye’s chicken. This was a reference to her and her fellow Destiny’s Childs mates saying they’d never change who they were, despite the fame.

Throughout her career, Beyoncé made it clear she wasn’t technically a vegan. This isn’t to say she hasn’t flirted with the concept, including doing so part-time. She still kept some room for things vegans don’t normally eat, like ice cream or pizza.

You can call her recurring diet a flexitarian type, often including plant-based foods along with occasional meats. Despite this, some argue she took her diet to dangerous extremes when working on Homecoming.

Is Beyoncé vegan or does she follow a plant-based diet?

A lot of confusion still continues over the difference between a plant-based diet and being a true vegan. No wonder so many people list Beyoncé as vegan when this isn’t completely accurate.

The diet she’d considered is a whole foods plant-based diet involving eating fruits, veggies, and whole grains. What it abstains from is eating processed foods and minimizing animal products as much as possible. Meat can still be in the equation occasionally, though many flexitarians obtain protein from other sources.

It seems this is the official call on Beyoncé’s diet. When filming Homecoming, things seemed to take a turn, which arguably wasn’t the best possible decision.

Was Beyoncé‘s more extreme diet a bad choice?

To prove how serious Beyoncé (and, yes, Jay-Z) are about consuming a plant-based diet, they offered free concert tickets to fans for life if they’d switch to an identical diet plan.

There isn’t any word how many fans took this challenge and maintained it. What might have perplexed some of those fans is the diet she reportedly took on to get in shape for the Coachella concert last year. As documented in Homecoming, Beyoncé had to shun foods even plant-based diets don’t normally set aside.

Many health experts said eliminating carbs, sugar, dairy, and meats from her diet during this period wasn’t the healthiest move. Nevertheless, the diet was clearly only temporary so she could reportedly fit back into her costumes. Most people would think she’s maintained a perfect shape and didn’t have to take on such extremes to look presentable.

Will more people switch to plant-based diets due to the Carters?

Beyoncé and Jay-Z were inspired to switch to a plant-based diet after having children. It’s considered one of the best diets they and anyone can have, just as long as protein is always in the cards.

Extreme diets should also be eliminated, something we hope Beyoncé will never do again for the sake of her own health.