Are Beyoncé and Steph Curry Friends?

Let the jokes commence about Steph Curry being able to play basketball in an easy chair much like Michael Jordan once did. Maybe you can’t quite argue that case during the NBA Finals this year, with the Toronto Raptors giving them a run for their money. Even so, Curry is still amazing to watch when he falls into his basketball zen.

Talent like this always attracts the A-list stars who pay top dollar for front-row seats. Two of those Curry fans are obviously Beyoncé and Jay-Z. They were recently seen sitting and watching a game in Oakland while also somehow creating controversy.

So are Bey and Curry friends? Why wouldn’t Steph befriend the most powerful people in the world?

Beyoncé at a Golden State Warriors game | Jose Carlos Fajardo/Getty Images

If Bey is friends with Steph Curry, it’s strictly through Jay-Z

Those of you wondering why Bey and Jay-Z have been seen rooting for the Golden State Warriors during the NBA Finals should know Jay-Z is a huge GSW fan. He happens to be good friends with many of the players in the team. Some of those include Kevin Durant (now injured), plus Andre Iguodala. Yes, Steph Curry is also a close friend.

Whether they’ve hung out together at their homes is another thing. No doubt they have if Jay-Z considers them “close”. With this in mind, it may mean Beyoncé is just tagging along since she may not be a GSW fan, per se.

Considering she’s from Houston, she may be a Rockets fan instead. Perhaps it’s why she looked like she didn’t really want to be at the game when caught making “side eye” with the wife of the Warriors owner, Nicole Curran.

Bey might relate a little more to hanging out with Steph Curry’s wife, Ayesha.

Do Bey and Ayesha hang out together?

It’s not really known if they’re best friends, even though there is evidence of Steph and Ayesha attending Bey and Jay-Z’s concerts. What isn’t known is if they have private parties together, something likely benefiting the friendship between Jay-Z and Curry.

If Jay-Z and Steph are so close, we’d almost want to believe Bey and Ayesha confide in one another about things. You usually don’t see close friendships between two superstar males without the wives also having a close friendship.

A couple of years ago, the media reported on Ayesha being late to one of the 2016 NBA Finals games because Beyoncé held up the former’s bus. No doubt it would have been awkward to bring this up at a party, though it could also break any ice if there is any.

We wonder if Ayesha truly finds Bey an inspiration based on a praised interview former did recently about being honest with her husband.

Ayesha may find Beyoncé’s marriage inspiring

Some of you likely remember when Ayesha Curry did a recent Red Table Talk interview detailing her concerns about women groupies who hang around her husband. While Ayesha received criticism doing this interview, her husband gave her full support.

This open call about possible affairs might have been inspired by Beyoncé and how she’s coped with similar problems with Jay-Z. Nothing has to be said about the reported Jay-Z affair from several years ago and how it led their to marriage therapy.

Since then, we’ve seen the two everywhere together, proving them one of the most durable marriages in the entertainment industry. There shouldn’t be any doubt Ayesha wants to achieve the same type of marriage perfection with Steph Curry.

Considering latter is also very conscientious, we might see the Currys bond further with the Carters. Wisely, though, they don’t seem to be caught in paparazzi photos together if they ever do manage to go out on the town.