Are Blake Shelton and Adam Levine Really Friends?

Despite their very public fighting, teasing, and general display of dislike for one another, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have shared the screen on NBC’s The Voice for 16 seasons. Their back-and-forth on the show is great to watch, but it leaves fans wondering if the two are friends in real life or if their relationship is reflective of reality. Is it possible the pair are actually friends?

What do Blake Shelton and Adam Levine do on ‘The Voice’?

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine
Blake Shelton and Adam Levine | Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The Voice is a talent show in which contestants battle it out on stage to win the hearts of America. If it sounds a lot like American Idol to you, you aren’t entirely wrong. The difference is this show is not based on how the artist looks or what they have for stage presence. Instead, contestants are chosen during blind auditions based on their vocal quality alone.

The show consists of four coaches per season, who are all famous members of the music community and have featured the likes of Gwen Stefani, Usher, and Ce-Lo Green. In the 2019 season, the celebrity coaches are Blake Shelton, Adam Levine (who have both been with the show since Season 1), Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend.

All the coaches on ‘The Voice’ have chemistry

It’s clear when the coaches on The Voice are together they have amazing chemistry on and off camera. Part of what makes the show such a hit, and keeps crowds interested season after season, is the relationship that is formed between the coaches. Their banter is funny, endearing, and inspiring enough to get audiences through 16 seasons.

PeopleTV was able to interview the coaches of this season’s The Voice. The group all seems to be able to dish out insults and take good-natured ribbing. But do Shelton and Levine take it too far?

‘The Voice’ has a competitive element to it

Each coach has a team of artists that they hope to get to the final round. Coaches have to choose which of their contestants will push through to the live rounds based on how they fare in a series of head to head competitions. Then, the top contestant takes home the grand prize, and the coach gets long lasting bragging rights. This often pits Team Adam against Team Blake in a very real way.

Do Blake Shelton and Adam Levine really hate each other?

Shelton has professed, as recently as this week, that they do, indeed, hate each other. “Trust me we hate each other, it’s not just Adam hating me. We hate each other.” He quipped in response to questions about his apparent feud with fellow musician Levine. When he puts it that plainly, it is hard to argue his dislike of Levine. (It is important to know Shelton is just joking around.)

In fact, Blake Shelton thinks Adam Levine is an ‘idiot’

He goes on to remind his interviewer, and fans alike, that Adam doesn’t always think before he speaks. “I don’t know if you realize that or not,” Shelton explains, “and maybe the fans forgot for a minute, that he is an idiot. And, you know, that’s the thing about when we go live, it’s…Adam and I are constantly jabbing at each other, but when we go live, it’s out there ya know? So, I’ve figured out how to kinda tame mine back a little bit because they don’t have a chance to edit it out of the show.” Levine, apparently, isn’t as good at reining back the verbal jabs while the camera is rolling live.

Is it a true bromance?

We think their feud is mostly put on for fans viewing pleasure. They seem to really enjoy each other’s company just as much as they like to push each other’s buttons. To remain co-stars of the same show for 16 seasons must hold some weight to the positivity of their relationship.

There have been plenty of times where Shelton has admitted how much he values Levine’s friendship, including the heartwarming speech he gave when Levine was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was a true testament to the depth of their bromance. Shelton said: “I’ve never had a more honest and loyal friend than Adam Levine through my personal journey.”