Are Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Finally Co-Starring in a Movie Together?

The rumors about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston getting back together again just won’t quit, even if a lot of those whispers are about doing movies together. We’ve had to dispel some of this hearsay ourselves, though outlets like Gossip Cop are leading the way in preventing celebrity fake news.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt attend the 56th annual Primetime Emmy Awards in 2004.
Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Some new rumors have popped up about Aniston and Pitt doing a movie project that sounded more than a little meta. We have to say it would have been an interesting project, despite being a dubious story. Other news has spread about movie ideas the two had in mind when married, making us wonder if they really will do one project before they become too old.

Will there be a movie about Jennifer Aniston’s marriage with Brad Pitt?

One of the most salacious fantasies percolating lately is that Pitt was trying to convince Aniston to have them act in a movie concept chronicling their own marriage. Gossip Cop recently weeded this out as untrue, but we can’t help but think what kind of a movie this could have been.

Meta art is becoming a popular trend, giving far more irony to real people and situations, not including showing the thin line between fiction and reality. That said, it arguably would have been a little uncomfortable to see what might have gone wrong in the “Bennifer” marriage, potentially opening old wounds.

Both the Pitt and Aniston camps have said this story is 100% bogus for obvious reasons. Yet, what if there is a kernel of truth to the rumor they had a pile of movie ideas? No matter the film they’d ever do together, many viewers would probably connect any scene to Aniston and Pitt’s own lives.

Are movies always reflecting reality?

Bennifer fans have long wished they’d do a movie together, most likely a romantic genre. We can’t picture them doing any other type of movie, unless they played relatives or partners in crime.

Should they ever finally act together in something, the comparisons between reality and the movie are obviously going to look similar. We’ve seen some of that before with famous couples through parallels between their real romances and the plot of the movie.

A good example from long ago was Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. When they were in the blistering Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? together in 1966, their scenes were more than a little surreal to behold. Their fight scenes were right out of their own real-life marriage. Since this was also one of the first movies from Hollywood to use explicit profanity, it made it all the more squirm-inducing.

If Pitt and Aniston ever make a romantic film together, you could probably count on at least one fight scene together. Seeing them reliving their own contentious divorce could either be self-therapy or cathartic for the audience.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt may never make a movie together to avoid uncomfortable parallels

Gossip Cop has gone after numerous other Pitt-Aniston movie rumors, such as Aniston pitching book ideas to Pitt for movie adaptations they could act in. Other rumors have them discussing movie ideas in person and in secret locations.

Of course, nobody can say definitively the two aren’t considering movies. Without actually being there and looking in their files, nobody can say they wouldn’t ever act together.

Since they’ve recently rekindled their friendship, maybe they’d rather not work on a movie in the chance the parallels are too strong. With the right movie idea, though, they could generate some powerful chemistry on-screen.

As we’ve seen with Aniston and Adam Sandler, comedy might be the former’s forte. Or, it could mean a Pitt cameo in Apple TV+’s The Morning Show. Such a scene might be similar to Pitt’s old Friends episode where he makes one brief, yet memorable, appearance with Aniston in the same room.