Are Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel Related?

Brie Larson made a big splash in Captain Marvel last spring and followed that up with a successful cameo in Avengers: Endgame. While we cannot wait to see Larson back in action as Captain Marvel, a recent announcement has left some fans a little confused.

Captain Marvel Ms Marvel
Captain Marvel Brie Larson | Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Marvel just revealed that several new characters will be introduced into the MCU, like Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel. For those fans who have not read the comics, there might be some confusion regarding Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel. To help clarify, Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel are completely different, yet they do share some similarities.

If that does not make sense, hopefully it will by the time you are done reading this article.

Who is Ms. Marvel?

Marvel introduced the latest version of Ms. Marvel in 2013 with Kamala Khan. In the comics, Khan is a 16-year-old teenager who is obsessed with Captain Marvel. While Khan was not born with extraordinary powers, her life forever changed when she came into contact with a Terrigen Mist.

The mist put Khan into a deep sleep, where she experienced visions of Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Iron Man. In her dream, she told the heroes that she would like nothing more than to have Captain Marvel’s powers.

When she woke up, Khan found herself wearing Captain Marvel’s costume. She also discovered that she now harnessed similar powers as her hero. According to Cinema Blend, the main difference is that Khan can morph her body into pretty much anything, which explains why she looked and acted like Captain Marvel.

While Khan has a good range of powers, she does have one distinct weakness. Khan can be stopped if she comes across a strong electromagnetic pulse. An EMP prevents Khan from morphing and essentially takes away her powers.

How are Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel related?

Fans might find it interesting that Carol Danvers did not adopt the name, Captain Marvel, until 2012. There have been quite a few characters who have assumed the title over the years, including Karen Sofen and Sharon Ventura.

When it comes to how the characters are related, they are clearly connected by Ms. Marvel’s origin story. In the comics, Captain Marvel serves as a mentor to Ms. Marvel, and the two share a close bond.

Although they share a lot of similarities, Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel are not related. Early in the comics, however, Ms. Marvel would often turn into Captain Marvel, who eventually convinced her to develop her own identity.

Given how Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel are linked in many ways, there is a strong chance that their stories overlap in the coming series. Marvel has not confirmed that Larson will be appearing in the show, but we would not be surprised if she has a cameo or two.

Will Captain Marvel appear in ‘Ms. Marvel’?

Marvel confirmed that Kamala Khan’s story will be brought to Disney+ during the D23 Expo. Unfortunately, the project is still in the early stages and Marvel has yet to announce an official premiere date.

If all goes to plan, fans can expect the series to kick off between 2021 and 2022. Although that is a long time to wait, it gives Marvel plenty of time to develop a crossover.

Larson is expected to reprise her role as Captain Marvel in future projects and could have a cameo or two in Ms. Marvel. But with the primary focus on Khan, Larson’s involvement in the series will likely be minimal. Even still, we cannot wait to see what Marvel can put together.

‘Ms. Marvel’ breaks new ground

Marvel is doing a great job of being more inclusive in the MCU, and Ms. Marvel’s introduction continues that thread. Apart from being a teenager from Jersey City, Khan will become the first Muslim character to be a part of the MCU.

Khan’s parents are immigrants from Pakistan. Although it is unclear what direction the series is going to take, it is great to know that the studio is adding even more diversity to its growing cast of characters.