Are ‘Counting On’ Stars Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth Ready to Try For Baby No 2 Again?

Counting On stars Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, are not in a rush to have another baby following their heartbreaking miscarriage in July. The couple, who welcomed their first child, Gideon, in 2018, want to expand their family of three but want to make sure the timing is right before they do. So when will the pair be ready to try for baby number two?

Joy-Anna Duggar Austin Forsyth Counting On
Joy-Anna Duggar and husband Austin Forsyth | The Duggar Family via Instagram

Duggar opens up about baby plans

In a recent interview, Duggar shared her thoughts on having another child with Forsyth. The Counting On star admitted that she wants more children but also thinks her body should rest a bit before trying for another one.

“We want to be wise and give my body time to heal,” Joy-Anna Duggar shared. “But we are excited for the children that God’s going to give us and can’t wait. I don’t know if four is the number. I mean, I would be fine with a few more if that’s what God wants us to have.”

Duggar and Forsyth were looking forward to giving Gideon a little sister when they got the devastating news this summer. Taking to Instagram, Duggar shared photos of her stillborn daughter and revealed that they had settled on the name Annabell Elise.

The two had announced that they were expecting their second child in May, adding to the handful of Duggar pregnancy announcements this year alone.

The couple hoped that sharing their story on social media would help others get through similar tragedies. While they got through the miscarriage by leaning on their faith in God, Joy-Anna Duggar revealed that Forsyth’s family has also been a huge help in the past few months.

Forsyth’s family lends a hand

According to Us Magazine, Duggar explained how her husband’s family really stepped up to the plate in the weeks following the miscarriage. While Duggar’s family was there for her, the Forsyths offered to watch Gideon so the couple could have some alone time as well.

The Duggars and Forsyths both offered support while they dealt with losing their daughter. Outside of watching their son, they helped cook meals and wrote down words of encouragement.

But when it comes down to who really helped her push through the pain, Joy-Anna Duggar gave the bulk of the credit to her loving husband, whom she described as her “anchor.”

Duggar and Forsyth, who tied the knot in 2017, are honoring their daughter’s memory with a special headstone on his parent’s land. The property holds a special place in their hearts as it was the location of their engagement and the early days of their courtship.

Joy-Anna Duggar pays tribute to daughter’s memory

Shortly after Duggar and Forsyth experienced the miscarriage, they shared a heartfelt post on social media about their loss. Counting On fans naturally offered words of support to the couple, and one person sent them a touching gift to remind them of their daughter.

Taking to Instagram last month, Duggar shared a photo of a piece of jewelry that had her daughter’s name engraved. The reality star thanked everyone for the amazing support, especially her family and friends.

“Thank you @meaganlina for this thoughtful gift!” Duggar wrote in the caption. “It means so much to have such caring family around me! I love you! #AnnabellEliseForsyth.”

The photo featured a closer look at the necklace. The piece featured a gold rectangle connected to a chain. The rectangle included the name of Duggar’s daughter, Annabell Elise.

Joy-Anna Duggar previously explained the meaning behind the name they chose for their daughter. The first name means favored by God while the middle name means God satisfies.

After sharing the heartfelt words, Duggar asked fans for their continued prayers as they move toward the next chapter in their lives.

When will Duggar have her second baby?

There is no telling when Duggar and Forsyth will have their second child. Based on her recent interview, it sounds like the couple is waiting for a bit until they start trying again.

The good news is that Duggar and Forsyth are planning on having more children and will likely have more than two. That could change, of course, depending on how her future pregnancies go, but it’s definitely good to hear that they are optimistic about having more babies.

When the time comes for their second child, we can only hope that TLC cameras are on hand to capture the special moment — and that the baby is healthy, of course.

Fans can watch Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth continue their journey when new episodes of Counting On air Tuesday nights on TLC.