Are Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell Feuding? King Addresses the Rumor

It was announced that Norah O’Donnell will no longer be on CBS This Morning. Soon rumors started swirling that Gayle King had something to do with it and the two are feuding, but is that true? This is what the former co-hosts had to say about the feuding rumor.

There is a rumor that Gayle King pushed Norah O’Donnell out of CBS This Morning

Norah O'Donnell and Gayle King
Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Some places reported that all was not well between King and O’Donnell. They also quoted unknown sources.

Norah is toxic,” a CBS insider told Page Six. King was rumored to have demanded that O’Donnell be moved off the show as part of her contract negotiation. It was then announced O’Donnell will be an anchor on CBS Evening News and will continue to appear on 60 Minutes.

CBS News president Susan Zirinsky reportedly denied that King had anything to do with the decision. “This headline is offensive and 100 percent false,” said Zirinsky according to Page Six. “There’s no bad blood between Norah and Gayle, in fact, they are very close,” she continued.

King denied that there is a feud

The news should rarely be about us, and sometimes what you read isn’t even true,” said King on CBS This Morning, according to People. She then claimed she was going off script to address the rumor.

“Thursday, I’m flying to London … we’re working on our primetime royal special,” continued the host. “The news breaks around 1:30 that ‘Gayle is elbowing Norah … insisting that Norah leave CBS This Morning.’ It’s so amazing to me, Norah, that after seven years together, that now people would say that you and I have some beef.”

O’Donnell also talked of being happy that King announced her new position. “It’s such a pleasure to have Gayle announce this morning that I have become the new anchor of the CBS Evening News,” she told Extra. “To have my work BFF announce that news and it’s an exciting new era at CBS News.”

Gayle said the rumors are more about them being women

The host has a theory on why the rumor has been swirling about them. She thinks the rumor is tied to sexism.

She then declared, “I have no beef with you.” The host then talked about how women are treated differently. “You have no beef with me. Tina Brown summed it up very nicely. She said, ‘This never happens to men, this kind of cut-throat business. That the reality is it’s two great jobs for two great women,’ she said. And I also think I know that that’s true.”

Gayle also mentioned Zirinsky previously talked about changes after she took the job back in January. It sounds like it was the president’s decision instead of Gayle’s that O’Donnell move shows.

It seems like the rumor might not be true. O’Donnell has referred to King as her “work BFF” and King has flat out denied the feuding rumor. CBS News president Susan Zirinsky also backs up their claim that they are on very good terms.

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