Are Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron Still Talking?

This whirlwind romance was clearly only a summer fling. Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron seemed absolutely smitten with each other when they were first spotted together in New York City this past summer. The supermodel and The Bachelorette alum were nearly joined at the hip.

Though they seemed to be casual at first, it wasn’t long before Hadid was inviting Cameron to meet her BFF Serena Williams. The aspiring model also attended the supermodel’s grandmother’s funeral and he attended the Zendaya’s Tommy Hilfiger Show during New York Fashion week as the Victoria Secret Angel’s guest. There were even rumors that the pair were scouting out NYC apartments for Cameron near Hadid’s spot.

However, just when we thought Hadid and Cameron might be in this for the long haul — they split.

Why did Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron break up?

They may have looked very serious from the outside looking in, but it appears that Cameron and Hadid were only casually seeing each other. While they were still dating, an insider told People, “The media attention has been hard on Tyler and GigiThey’re trying to navigate it right now because they know how the press can pick apart every date they have and turn it into something bigger.” A source also told E! News,

Gigi has been really hesitant about getting serious with him/ She feels she just ended a long-term relationship [with Zayn Malik] and wants to strictly have fun right now. She really enjoys hanging out with Tyler and he has spent the night over her house multiple times now. Tyler makes Gigi laugh continuously while they are together, and it’s been a while since someone has sparked her interest.

It looks like things just didn’t work out. Though Hadid has never commented on her situationship, she did wear a sweatshirt just after the split became public that seemed to say it all. The $90 sweater declared, “Boys lie. Goodbye.” Bloop!

Are Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid still talking?

Despite Hadid’s brutal sweater, perhaps her split with Cameron wasn’t as dramatic as it appeared to be. In a recent interview with US Weekly, Cameron revealed that he and Hadid are still very much in contact. He explained, “When we need to be…We’re friends.”

So we have no ideas what “need to be” means other than the fact that Hadid might be acting as a mentor for Cameron as he tries to break into the modeling world. However, if he did something shady when they were dating –we don’t know why she would offer up any help or guidance.

Does Tyler Cameron want to be the next Bachelor?

Though Cameron previously said he turned down the offer to be the next Bachelor– handing the torch to Peter Weber. However, it now looks like after his split with Hadid, Cameron had a change of heart. He told Entertainment Tonight, “Maybe down the road, but right now my heart really wasn’t in it. I had a lot of stuff going on back home and so I wasn’t where I needed to be right now. But down the road, who knows.”

Rumor has it that Cameron and Hannah Brown are also still texting… so this is interesting.