Are Harry Styles and Lizzo Planning to Collaborate on a Song?

Since coming onto the music scene, Lizzo has found herself rubbing elbows with some of the biggest celebrities in the entertainment industry.

From Jennifer Lopez to Lil Nas X, the singer has been making famous friends left and right, now that she’s a big-named celeb herself.

Harry Styles and Lizzo
Harry Styles and Lizzo | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Pandora

But even though she now has many familiar faces part of her inner circle, Lizzo’s friendship with Harry Styles seems to be the one fans are still the most excited about.

Fans went crazy over the singers’ unexpected performance of “Juice”

Styles and Lizzo may seem like they’ve been friends for years, but their relationship has only been a few months in the making.

The two singers have been joined at the hip ever since they performed onstage together during a SiriusXM and Pandora concert in Miami ahead of this year’s Super Bowl.

The pair sang Lizzo’s hit track “Juice” together, and just in case you were wondering, the performance was as amazing as one could hope.

Not only did they harmonize amazingly together, the “Sign of the Times” crooner even bust out Lizzo’s signature choreography as the crowd went wild.

After witnessing this unexpected duet, fans took to Twitter to gush over the performance while sharing how much they loved seeing Styles and Lizzo together.

“Harry Styles and Lizzo performing and being playful together its an iconic moment to remember,” one fan tweeted.

“Harry Styles performing Juice with Lizzo is a thing I didn’t know I really, really needed,” someone else penned.

Some even suggested that the singers record a duet album, seeing as though they clearly work well with each other.

“Going to need a full Harry Styles and Lizzo duet album,” one person wrote.”I need a studio version of lizzo’s juice ft. harry styles please,” another fan expressed.

Styles weighs in on whether or not he’ll collab on a song with Lizzo

Now that the world knows that Styles and Lizzo can perform well together, many now want to know if these two plan to collab on a song in the future?

During a secret concert held in NYC on Feb. 28 for Sirius XM subscribers and Pandora listeners, the former One Direction singer opened up about this possibility.

“I mean, if something made sense, maybe,” he said of working with Lizzo. “I think it’s funny because any time people like each other or perform together, everyone kind of thinks, ‘Oh, you guys should do a song together.’ It’s fine! But it’s also fine for people to just like each other’s stuff.”

Styles went on to share that if the opportunity presented itself, he’d be more than happy to lay down a track or two with the inspirational songstress.

“But if there was ever a time where she wanted to do it and it made sense, absolutely,” he continued. “I think she’s great.”

Though many of us would love for them to record a song together, it could be a while before that happens — especially since both are busy with their own music careers.

Either way, Lizzo and Styles make for a great pair of friends, and we have a feeling that we’ll be seeing a lot more of their blossoming relationship moving forward.