Are Hillary Clinton and Meghan Markle Friends?

Meghan Markle has had a notoriously difficult relationship with the press, and it has only gotten worse in the past year. Since the birth of her son, Archie Harrison, the Duchess of Sussex has undergone almost daily attacks by the press, suffering from extremely negative coverage.

Prince Harry has recently taken a stand against the way his wife has been treated, and numerous celebrities have chimed in as well, voicing their concerns over the press coverage of Duchess Meghan.

Recently, an unlikely supporter spoke up, defending Markle and calling into question the reason why the media has been so quick to cast blame on the former actress. The ally is none other than former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

What did Hillary Clinton say about Meghan Markle?

Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign rally.
Hillary Clinton | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

It is well known that the media around the world seems to have a problem with Markle. It is unclear whether the issue stems from the British public’s dislike of the fact that an American married their English prince, or her former occupation, or the fact that she has been married before. What is clear is that she can’t seem to catch a break, with new negative stories hitting the tabloids on a daily basis.

Still, one very high-profile supporter of Markle’s has another theory as to the reason for all of the hate that she receives. Clinton recently sat down for an intimate interview, where she revealed that she is among the celebrities who have Markle’s back. The former Secretary of State claimed the way Markle has been treated is “inexplicable,” and that she believes race is “certainly” part of the reason for the onslaught of negativity that Markle receives.

Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, also spoke up during the interview and stated that she believes Duchess Meghan’s strong voice for activism is also part of it. Both the Clinton women voiced their support for Markle, making it clear that they do not support the war that the press seems to be waging against the Duchess of Sussex.

How well does Hillary Clinton know Meghan Markle?

During the interview, Chelsea Clinton admitted that she doesn’t know Markle but that she respects her. Markle does have some connection to Hillary Clinton, however.

When Markle was only eleven years old, she wrote to the then-First Lady Clinton, voicing her concerns over a sexist television commercial. Thanks in part to Markle’s outspokenness, the commercial was pulled. 

When Markle was an adult, forging her own path as a successful actress, she crossed paths with Clinton again, though on an indirect basis. Markle was a vocal supporter of Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, regularly speaking out against her rival: Donald Trump.

Markle is known to be a feminist and a longstanding supporter of liberal causes. Still, it is unknown if Markle and Clinton ever actually met in person during that time period. 

Could Meghan Markle meet up with Hillary Clinton?

Some fans have started to speculate that Markle will reach out to Clinton and thank her for her words of support. However, this seems unlikely, if only for the fact that Markle is supposed to remain politically neutral as a member of the royal family.

Reaching out to a polarizing political figure could be seen as a statement in Britain. After all, during President Trump’s summer 2019 trip to England, Markle was heavily criticized for not taking time away from maternity leave in order to meet with him.

Still, Markle might manage to send a handwritten note or make a private phone call to Clinton — just because it seems as though real gestures of friendship seem to be growing increasingly more rare in the duchess’s world.