Are Jeff Lewis and Shannon Beador Really BFFs?

Shannon Beador and Jeff Lewis | Shannon Beador Instagram

Flipping Out‘s Jeff Lewis and The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Shannon Beador found major friendship love, which gets them into trouble from time to time. The twosome appear on each other’s Instagram pages quite often and seem to have each other’s backs when life gets tough.

They met this hilarious way

There’s nothing like a lost night of cocktails to form a friendship. And that’s exactly how Lewis met Beador. Apparently RHOC castmate and pal, Tamra Judge hooked the two up and the rest is history. “We met in the afternoon for cocktails in Laguna Beach and never ate dinner,” Beador recounts on Bravo. “That was a recipe for a first crazy night.”

Beador remembers that the initial friendship spark was more than just a simple encounter. “I think it was friendship at first site,” she said. “We are similar in a lot of ways. I feel the same way about Jenni and Gage. It was an instant connection for me to all of them and we all have a close friendship today.”

Lewis went after Beador’s ex

Beador says she and Lewis are pretty similar, which includes sharing a birthday. But they also have the propensity to fly off the handle and act impulsively. Impulsivity is what got Lewis in hot water with his bestie’s ex-husband too.

Lewis read some texts he “accidentally” received from Beador during his Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live! show, People reports. The explicit texts were from Beador’s ex-husband, David shaming her for her weight gain. Beador and Lewis’ assistant and former friend Jenni Pulos were present during the show. “F— you. So tired of you,” Pulos read. “You f—ing disgust me. F— you. What do you have to do? Eat? Because you can’t get off your fat ass.”

Beador seemed rattled the texts were read publicly and apparently Beador’s ex was furious.

This ‘Housewife’ once feuded with Beador and Lewis took her down

RHOC alum Heather Dubrow feuded pretty heavily with Beador, even kicking her out of her home at one point. However, Dubrow and Beador eventually made up and became friends. The same can’t be said for how Lewis feels about Dubrow. Lewis became irritated with Dubrow with the way she treated the wait staff who worked at one of Beador’s parties, according to Radar Online. The two did a little name calling, but during an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live Lewis really let it rip. “Inauthentic. Pretentious. Condescending. Snobbish. B***y,” was the way Lewis described Dubrow.

Beador hopes Lewis can reconcile with former friend Jenni Pulos

While Lewis stands by his feelings about Dubrow, Beador hopes Lewis can mend fences with this friend. Lewis and longtime friend and assistant, Pulos had a falling out. The former friends no longer speak, but Beador hopes for a reconciliation. During a Bravo’s Watch What Happens Life appearance, Beador said this about Lewis and Pulos reconciling. “I’ll make a prediction,” Beador said, OK Magazine recounts. “I was saying this today, not in press but to a friend, I give it a couple years [until you both make up]. I think it’s gonna take a couple of years. Cuz you are like me and it takes time to process.”

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