Are Kevin Smith and Ashley Tisdale Really Feuding?

Apparently the glee from “National Best Friends Day” was too much emotion for director Kevin Smith. Smith posted a picture proudly strolling down the street with his best pals, looking sharp and holding hands.

“On #NationalBestFriendsDay this is me holding hands with my female best friend, wearing my male best friend on my shirt while walking my canine best friend! It’s a bestie hat trick!” Smith captioned on Instagram.

Kevin Smith |Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Apparently, his “BFF” day included a number of activities that had Smith on the run. But Smith was doing more than just running. He was driving to various places and apparently hit neighbor Ashley Tisdale’s car. The High School Musical star seemed pretty cheesed about the ordeal and let Smith know on Twitter.

Driving like ‘Cruella de Vil in the Hills’

Smith’s fervor to “carpe diem” his day may have taken over his driving skills. A few hours after his “bestie” post, Tisdale took to Twitter to let Smith know she wasn’t pleased about the damage he did to her vehicle.

“Thanks @ThatKevinSmith for scratching my mirror on my car and not stopping,” Tisdale tweeted. “Classy move neighbor!” Of course the comment launched a slew of hilarious responses. “I want to know if all the kids in my neighborhood have Twitter so i can tell them to get off my lawn,” actor Diedrich Bader responded. Also, (of course) someone added, “He wasn’t even supposed to be there today.”

Ashley Tisdale in 'High School Musical'
Ashley Tisdale in ‘High School Musical’ | Disney Channel

Within a few hours Smith saw the tweet and was clearly cringing with remorse. “Apologies – I drive like Cruella de Vil in the Hills! However, I *did* do a courtesy stop,” he responded. “Then when you pulled away first, I was like ‘That’s soooo Sharpay…’”

He’s just a ‘Wildcat’

After Smith responded, Tisdale remarked, “HA! Apology accepted.” Fans were loving the exchange too. “This is kind of adorable,” one person wrote. Another exclaimed, “Are you guys actually neighbors because OMG.”

Even though it sounded like Tisdale was in on the joke and accepted Smith’s apology, he went even further. Later that night Smith tweeted about their face to face exchange. And how it was actually Tisdale now apologizing!

“So the incredibly sweet @ashleytisdale stopped by my house and tried to apologize,” Smith tweeted. “I assured her that *I’m* the one who was driving like a Wildcat. Also told her I’d sent my kid our Tweets. HQ’s response: “We saw Ashley in HighSchoolMusical Live!” Ashley was like ‘Oh, maaan…'”

Sounds like the Sharpay and Silent Bob are copacetic now. Smith has been working on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot scheduled for release this year. Tisdale returns as the animated character Candace Flynn in the hit series Phineas and Ferb slated for a 2020 release.