Are Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson Spending Christmas Together?

Christmas is right around the corner and families are preparing for a day full of laughter, love, and togetherness.

Though many people look forward to this most wonderful time of the year, others dread the holiday season, especially if their families are going through a rough patch.

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson
Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian | Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Remy Martin

While many people try to keep the drama at bay so they don’t ruin the spirit of Christmas, being in the same room as someone you have a tumultuous past with doesn’t always make the holiday season festive.

Kardashian and Thompson could be coming together for Christmas

We don’t think there’s anyone in this world who loves Christmas more than the Kardashians.

Every year, the famous family goes all for the holiday season and though they sometimes go a little overboard with their Christmas festivities, just being together tops all of their lavish yuletide parties and expensive gifts.

While everyone in the family looks forward to coming together, there is one person we’re questioning will get a warm welcome to the Kardashian’s Christmas dinner and that’s Tristan Thompson.

Earlier this year, Khloé Kardashian ended her three year relationship with Thompson once and for all after he cheated on her with Kylie Jenner’s former BFF Jordyn Woods.

After the cheating scandal took place, KoKo, as well as her family, made it clear that they wanted nothing more to do with Thompson or Woods.

Though Woods found herself completely ousted from the family, Thompson remained in the picture due to Kardashian wanting him to remain an active parent in their 1-year-old daughter’s life.

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Since their split, the exes have been working together to co-parent their daughter and so far, things have been going pretty well.

Aside from the NBA player’s ongoing attempts to win Kardashian back, the pair seem as though they are on good terms, which has us convinced that they’ll be spending the holidays together.

Kardashian recently revealed that she’s forgiven Thompson

Although many consider Thompson’s cheating ways unforgivable, Kardashian isn’t one to hold grudges and recently revealed that she’s fully forgiven her ex for what’s he’s done.

In a lengthy post shared to her Instagram Story earlier this month, the reality star explained to fans that exuding negative energy toward another person doesn’t benefit her anyway.

Instead of holding onto the past and condemning those who’ve done her wrong, Kardashian has decided to forgive and finally start surrounding herself with positive vibes.

“I don’t hold any negative or hateful feelings towards ANYONE! I mean that. Life is short! We are all humans trying to figure out this thing called life,” she wrote. “Yes, I’m allowed to feel hurt and pain. It would be unnatural for me to pretend as if I don’t. Personally, I don’t want to be carrying around a hateful heart.”

While she has forgiven Thompson for hurting her, Kardashian noted that she has yet to forgive him for what he’s done.

“I am allowed to forgive but still not accept their behaviors … I want nothing but beautiful blessings for EVERYBODY that has ever been in my life.”

Seeing as though Kardashian has moved on with her life, spending the holidays with her ex might not be as awkward as we’re expecting it to be.

Since their co-parenting relationship has been going very well, we can easily guess that Kardashian and Thompson will be spending the holidays together in order for True to have an ideal Christmas.

While their plans for the holidays remain under wraps, we’re assuming that Kardashian, Thompson, and baby True have many festive family activities prepared this joyous time of year!