Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West the Worst Neighbors?

Celebrity power couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are no strangers to controversy. After all, one of West’s most famous moments of all time is grabbing the mic from Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards, bringing him harsh words from critics and fans alike. These days, he makes headlines for selling $50 church socks, getting even more people talking about his merger of religion and money.  

Kardashian is also used to facing harsh criticism for everything from the filters she uses on her Instagram posts to bullying Jordyn Woods on her sister’s behalf. It’s safe to say that this a couple who is used to taking other people’s opinions in stride, but does the dynamic change when it comes to the people closest to them? 

No, that doesn’t mean their families. It’s the people who are physically closest to them who have new complaints about the couple.

What did Kardashian and West do to upset their neighbors, and how serious is the problem? 

Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West
Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West | Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Kardashian and West have a luxurious home in Hidden Hills

West and Kardashian settled down in a luxurious $20 million home previously owned by Lisa Marie Presley in Hidden Hills, California, which is next to Calabasas. Several other Kardashian family members live in the area.

The neighborhood is known for its gated privacy that lets many celebrities stay out of the public eye. The couple spent quite a bit of time renovating the home before they finally moved in sometime in 2018. 

Many neighbors have grown frustrated with what has been dubbed the “never-ending remodel.”

The neighborhood has definitely been altered by the presence of West and Kardashian. The incorporated city has under 700 residents, and they pride themselves on a strict homeowner’s association that enforces a lot of rules to uphold the aesthetic and overall feel of the neighborhood. 

The Hidden Hills neighborhood, despite its multi-million dollar homes, is known for being a little rougher around the edges than its next-door neighborhood Calabasas.

Los Angeles luxury realtor Emil Hartoonian explains it like this.

“Most of Calabasas is comprised of gated neighborhoods with homes that are in a tract. . . . Even though those properties are magnificent, you feel more, I guess, cookie-cutter,” Hartoonian says. “When you’re at home you don’t feel like you have a neighbor. There’s lot more mature landscaping—trees 50-, 60-feet tall.”

It may not feel like you have a neighbor when you live in Hidden Hills, but it turns out that if you are loud enough, they’ll let you know they’re around. 

West’s housing project causes a stir

West has been very busy constructing large domes on his property that look like they came straight off the set of a Star Wars movie. Why?

They have something to do with his philanthropic endeavor to provide affordable housing. West has been vocal about wanting to use some of his considerable wealth to address housing inequity and homelessness. 

He even started an architectural firm called Yeezy Home, and the domes are part of his attempt to bring his dream into reality. 

Neighbors called the police over ordinance violations

While West’s plan to end homelessness may be an ambitious one, not everyone was impressed by his determination to get the work done as quickly as possible. The neighborhood has strict rules about when construction can take place, and West’s construction crews hammering away on a Sunday were in violation of the rules. 

When the authorities investigated, it turned out that West didn’t have the proper permits for his constructions, so he was given a choice to either get the proper permission or tear down his structures.

He chose to tear them down, so now the future of his plans for a housing solution that leads to an egalitarian society are on hold. And his relationship with his neighbors is likely in trouble as well.