Are Lady Gaga and Lisa Vanderpump Friends?

Lady Gaga and Lisa Vanderpump have been sighted for a girl’s night out in L.A. While it may seem odd for a 33-year-old and 58-year-old to be out nightclub hopping together, perhaps not.

Are they friends or simply social acquaintances? Let’s take a look into their lives and how they met.

Lisa Vanderpump’s background

Most of us know her as a housewife on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Vanderpump Rules. Lisa Vanderpump is also a dog advocate, taking on issues such as puppy mills, and the canine meat trade. Born in Dulwich, London, England, she has been married to Ken Todd since 1982.

According to Vanderpump, the two met through her brother, Mark, who was working at a London nightclub. And while she said Todd was all wrong for her, “there was an instant connection.”

They went on their first date some six to eight weeks later after running into each other again. They were engaged within another six weeks and married within three months.

Together they have two children and four California restaurants. Todd also has a son from a previous marriage.

Gaga’s background

Lady Gaga was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta in New York, New York. Her stage name was inspired by the Queen song Radio Ga-Ga. She is a household name to most of us, young and old, who have watched her rise to stardom through her music and her acting.

Her influences include Madonna, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, and Freddie Mercury, all of which were somewhat apparent in her younger years of writing and performing.

Her latest venture, co-starring with Bradley Cooper in A Star is Born, and writing some of the songs and music earned her an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Original Song, for Shallow.

In 2012, Gaga started the non-profit foundation, Born This Way, named after her 2011 single and focusing on youth empowerment. She is also an avid LGBT advocate and openly admits to being bisexual.

When and where did Gaga and Vanderpump first meet?

Growing up in different areas of the world a generation apart and leading life in different streams, other than being well-known each in their own field, it would seem the two would have little in common. But, what they do have is a mutual admiration and Twitter.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, in 2013 Gaga posted a tweet in reaction to catching up on episodes of Vanderpump Rules and Real Housewives of Miami, and calling out Andy Cohen in the process.

“@Andy I’m catching up on my Bravo 1. The backtalking to Mrs. Vanderpump is SHOCKING 2. RHOM reunion should have been called the ‘unreunion,'” she tweeted.

Cohen responded, “@ladygaga the backtalking has just begun, Gaga! And Miami was a cacophony of madness w/ lots of ‘evidence.'”

Gaga replied, “@andy 3. On what planet does one work at a restaurant, sass their boss & not get fired. 4. Lisa throwing up on the side of the rode #realbitch.”

And then Vanderpump chimed in, “Thanks @ladygaga I could do with some help over here…#pumprules Also footnote #SNL was bloody amazing.”

Vanderpump was referring to Gaga’s performance on Saturday Night Live promoting her third album, ArtPop.

So what lead to their St. Patty’s Day girl’s night out?

Well, we can’t be sure how it came about, but Gaga and Vanderpump were seen at Pump, a West Hollywood restaurant owned by Vanderpump, for dinner and then moved on later in the evening to the TomTom Bar, a local nightclub.

Harper’s Bazaar sited Entertainment Tonight, stating “the pair arrived for dinner at Lisa Vanderpump’s venue Pump in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles. They reportedly hung out in a corner nook close to the bar around 11 p.m.”

“The pair also chilled in the garden at TomTom Bar–Vanderpump’s latest nightlife venue–’into the wee hours of Monday morning,'” Harper’s Bazaar also quoted from Entertainment Tonight.

According to Harper’s Bazaar sourcing Us Weekly, Gaga had once been spotted in Pump twice in 2015, so apparently, the restaurant was not new to her.

While we don’t know if the two plan to meet up again in the near future, Vanderpump tweeted about their evening out.

“Ha sooooo much fun @ladygaga #pump #tomtom #naughtychildren #nopress lol,” she said.