Are Lizzo and Harry Styles Friends?

Even though Lizzo is new to the music scene, she’s made herself at home. The “Truth Hurts” singer is an old pro at riding the charts at this point. Her newest album dropped in April 2019, and before that she was really only known in certain circles. 

It’s not just the charts she’s getting familiar with. Lizzo is making famous friends now that she’s famous herself. She had a part in Hustlersand got to hobnob with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, who produced the film. 

It turns out Lopez is not Lizzo’s only famous friend. 

Lizzo and Harry Styles became fast friends

Harry Styles and Lizzo smiling at each other while performing together, both holding microphones
Harry Styles and Lizzo | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Harry Styles, of One Direction fame, is very close to Lizzo. It seems like they’ve been joined at the hip for the last few weeks. The two sang together in Miami last month, which seems to have been a bonding experience. Since then, they’ve been seen together a lot. 

They covered each other’s songs on Radio 1 Lounge, which is the definition of friendship goals. It didn’t stop there, however. In mid February they were each other’s date to the Brit Awards. 

It’s a little unusual for friends to spend so much time together. That, plus how they’ve been acting around one another, has fans wondering what’s really going on between these two.

Are Harry Styles and Lizzo more than just friends? 

It seems kind of obvious to some fans that these two are more than friends. They’re certainly dropping hints. Some of their clues have been downright overt. Still, they haven’t come out and publicly admitted that they’re together. 

During their duet, they seemed to be singing some of the more risque lyrics of Lizzo’s “Juice” directly to each other. Then, midway through the song, they started holding hands. 

At the Brit Awards, cameras caught them cuddling and being generally touchy-feely with each other. Actions may speak louder than words, but some of Lizzo’s words on her relationship with Styles have come across loud and clear. When asked if they’d collaborate, she answered “We’ve collabed – his d*ck in my a**hole.”

She may have been kidding, but the fact remains that they’re relationship seems more serious than a run of the mill friendship. So why aren’t more media outlets reporting it that way? 

Fans think the media reaction to Harry Styles and Lizzo is biased 

The media may not be speculating about Styles and Lizzo’s relationship, but fans have noticed that something is up. And they’ve also noticed the media silence. 

Some fans have said that the lack of attention on Lizzo and Styles relationship is proof that most outlets are racist and fat-phobic. They say the media isn’t reporting this as a potential relationship because they think that the fact that Lizzo is a bigger black woman means Styles would never be with her. 

Gossip columns often link Styles to thin, white women. Sometimes tongues start wagging based on insignificant interactions, or even no interactions with Styles. Lizzo and Styles have been throwing out major hints, yet there are few rumors that they’re together. 

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Fans are upset at what they see as blatant media bias. It’s not just Lizzo who faces this kind of prejudice. Plus sized women have consistently reported that they face fat-shaming on dating apps. Cosmopolitan called out the UK show Love Island for subtle racism, like disregarding contestants of color. 

Lizzo and Styles are still exploring their new relationship, whether it’s a friendship or something more. Either way, they sure are fun to watch.