Are Meghan Markle and Michelle Obama Friends?

Meghan Markle is making headlines for her latest project: guest-editing the September issue of British Vogue. The magazine is held in high regard by people all over the world, and Markle’s involvement in the magazine is possibly a way to boost her popularity with the British public.

Kept in secret for some time, Markle’s involvement in the project was met with some criticism, but also a lot of positivity. The issue — titled “Forces for Change” — features interviews with many influential women in a wide variety of industries. One of these women is Michelle Obama, the former First Lady of the United States and now a private citizen.

How did Meghan Markle get involved with ‘Vogue’?

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

When it was first announced that Markle would be guest-editing a very special issue of Vogue, fans were definitely divided. There was no doubt that it was a great coup for the magazine, as Markle has been very selective about the projects that she participates in ever since having her son, Archie Harrison. As it turns out, Markle jumped at the opportunity to work with Vogue, just not in the way that those in charge of the magazine initially anticipated.

Markle recently revealed that while she was asked to be on the cover at first, her counter was the offer of guest-editing the magazine instead. Vogue agreed to Markle’s suggestion, marking the first time that the iconic magazine has had a guest editor in over one hundred years.

Markle had big plans for her special issue. She would use her platform to feature powerful people who have actively tried to make a difference in the world, including Obama herself.

What did Michelle Obama talk to Meghan Markle about?

In a special letter written to Vogue readers, Markle stated that she wanted to feature Obama as part of Vogue‘s small Q/A portion, mainly because the content needed to pack a punch with only a few succinct lines of text. Obama’s interview features some truly interesting insight into motherhood, female empowerment, and raising kids in the spotlight.

Obama had plenty of parental words of wisdom for Markle, speaking out about how any advice that she would give to her daughters would be the same as she would give to sons. Markle also thanked Obama for sending a “kind Mother’s Day message,” prompting many fans to wonder just how close the two women are in reality.

Do Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hang out with the Obamas?

The Vogue interview certainly isn’t the first time that Markle and Obama have crossed paths. Politically, Markle aligns herself closer to Obama’s philosophies than with President Trump’s. In fact, she called Trump “misogynistic” in the past.

As for her husband, Prince Harry, while he is not allowed to speak out in favor of one American president over another, he certainly seems to share a special connection with the former president and first lady. The Obamas are longtime supporters of Prince Harry’s Invictus Games Foundation and have been rumored to spend time privately with the royal couple. 

Furthermore, in her letter in Vogue, Markle directly refers to Michelle Obama as her friend, leaving little doubt as to the solidity of their relationship. No doubt Markle is pleased to have someone of Obama’s status in her corner, as she navigates the difficult world of public life and parenthood. As to how the public will ultimately react to the Markle-edited issue of Vogue, only time will tell. Perhaps, the revealing and personal interviews contained within the pages will do a lot to help change the public’s perception of Markle.