Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Really Running Away From Everybody?

The idea that Harry and Meghan are running away from everybody by living at Frogmore Cottage is really a misnomer just because it’s in an isolated place. Then again, who can blame them if they did hide away when the media has been an absolute beast to both?

We all know the treatment of Meghan alone has been at near alarming levels, even if a younger paparazzi doesn’t seem to want to listen to Grandpa George Clooney’s warnings.

What’s the real truth on Harry and Meghan’s living arrangements? Is Frogmore Cottage going to be a completely hidden bastion for them away from the paparazzi, or will it just attract more chaos?

Building a life they want, with proper security

Anyone who follows the daily happenings of Harry and Meghan already know they want to go their own way as royals. They both aren’t exactly friendly with the paparazzi, and they know the potential situations the media can bring.

Plus, we know Harry and Meghan want to reinvent royal protocol into something more relatable to connect with people. Frogmore Cottage is basically representative of this type of life.

It’s also clear they think they’ll enjoy more privacy at this cottage than if continuing to live at Kensington Palace. What’s still unknown is how effective the security is at Frogmore.

Some reports say the security is like Fort Knox, while other reports are conflicted on whether proper upgrades have been done by now.

The dream way for a royal to live: A family environment with hidden security

Considerable remodeling has been going on recently at Frogmore to suit Harry and Meghan’s living preferences. Work seems still in progress, including ironing out problems with billing the public for the security.

The entire estate seems like a perfect place to raise children without resembling a military fortress to keep thing in order. From all indications, it’s not going to mean security guards standing everywhere and just the use of state-of-the-art security technology to keep the couple safe.

When you put it all together, it sounds like the ultimate place to escape to. Whether they’ll be able to truly hide away there will be determined based on what happens in coming months. Worry is no doubt still there considering how ravenous the media is in capturing a picture of Baby Sussex.

Should they successfully combat this, Harry and Meghan likely won’t become royal hermits.

No matter what, the royal couple will always connect with people

Despite some of the media making it look like Harry and Meghan will be reclusive from now on, any astute observer will know they like to be around people. Meghan’s showbiz past means she obviously loves interacting with the public and with close friends.

Harry is equally known for having a friendly wit when it comes to interacting with commoners. In other words, these aren’t people who are going to hide in their own royal cocoon for the rest of their lives.

At the time of this writing, they’re clearly hunkering down for the birth of the royal baby. Get ready for an onslaught of public events once Baby Sussex is born, albeit flanked with security guards.

Also, with Harry linking up with Oprah recently for a documentary about mental illness, their time in the public eye is only beginning.

Having a home to unwind in is important for public royals

Just like other famous people who have no choice but to connect with people in their careers, going home to an isolated place is a good way to decompress from public exposure.

No doubt Harry and Meghan will be around millions of people during their lifetime while involved with their charities and other public events. Having a place they can go to get away from chaos whenever they want is the best way to live such a public life.

In this case, maybe being a royal really is the ultimate dream now after being a longstanding myth.