Are Meghan Markle’s Friends Selling Her Out?

Meghan Markle’s life has completely changed over the past three years. She went from being a network television star, where she had notoriety but wasn’t quite an A-list celeb, to being arguably the most famous woman in the world. She’s in the press every day, and it often seems that there’s no end in sight. Now, she recently found out news about some friends that has made her question their loyalty.

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Everyone is dying to get a peek inside Meghan’s life

The royal family is one of the world’s most interesting families. They play by classic rules and traditions, and stepping outside that small box even in the slightest way might make you a rebel (who can forget the outcry that ensued when Meghan wore black nail polish to the British Fashion Awards). Meghan is the newest member of the immediate royal family, and she still has a lot to learn, not just in how to be a royal but also in how to deal with the massive media storm that constantly surrounds the family. And it doesn’t help that everyone is dying to know what her life and relationships are really like.

A recent CBS interview spoke with some of Meghan’s friends about her life as a new mother

People will do anything they can to get inside the lives of the royals. And CBS felt it made sense to film a special about Meghan, which the network called Meghan and Harry Plus One. The show tracked down some of the duchess’ close friends and asked to interview them about the type of mother Meghan will be, now that she and Prince Harry have welcomed their new baby, Archie Harrison.

True Blood star Janina Gavankar, who has been a longtime friend of Meghan’s and attended her wedding last year, took part in the interview. She said that she and Meghan had discussed motherhood “for over a decade” and emphasized how excited Meghan was to be a parent. Makeup artist Daniel Martin, who did Meghan’s makeup for the royal wedding, chimed in on how he thinks Meghan will approach parenting. “I’m sure the baby’s going to be raised clean and green,” he said. “[Meghan] loves to cook, eating organic whenever she can. I totally see her making her own food. Totally.”

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said Meghan did not give permission for her friends to do the interview

While it was nice to hear information about the duchess from some actual friends rather than “royal sources,” these two might not be as good of friends with the duchess as they seem. That’s because a spokesperson for Buckingham Palace released a statement saying that Meghan had nothing to do with the special and had not given either of them permission to discuss anything about her. While the two friends might have thought that talking about Meghan positively would shed an overall more positive light on her, the duchess didn’t seem to take well to it.

Living the royal life means running in a very small social circle, which is something that Meghan had not had to be so careful of before she married Harry. Now, though, she’s learning the hard way that not everyone can be trusted. Hopefully Gavankar and Martin didn’t permanently ruin their relationships with the duchess.

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