Are Melania and Ivanka Trump Still Feuding?

While daily Trump news has overwhelmed us to almost complete exhaustion, a lot of internal news stories from the Trump family usually go unnoticed. This isn’t surprising considering they have more than their fair share of controversies from within as well as their roles in government.

One of the stories we haven’t heard a lot about is the relationship between Melania and Ivanka Trump. Reports are they aren’t very simpatico with some inside feuding going on.

Perhaps it’s not all that unusual for a daughter to not warm up to a stepmom. Before formulating an opinion, though, let’s look at the supposed details of why they don’t seem to gel.

Revelations come from Vicky Ward’s new book ‘Kushner, Inc.’

Leave it up to the Brits to be more brave and dig deeper to find interesting insights about the Trump family. While the Trump camp has spoken out vehemently against Ward’s book Kushner, Inc., the author stands up for her reporting and interviews with “anonymous” sources.

Even if you might think this treads on dubious Michael Wolff Fire and Fury territory, we all know enough that there’s likely kernels of truth there.

The biggest insight comes from Melania Trump and how much power she’s been using in the White House. Ward talked with Stephen Colbert recently about how Melania stopped Ivanka Trump from abusing governmental power.

Is Melania keeping things in line more than we think?

According to Ward during the Colbert interview, Melania is the only one who was able to stop Ivanka from opening her own personal WH office recently. Colbert responded glibly by exclaiming: “So, all our hope rests on Melania Trump.”

Well, probably not. It is interesting, though, that Melania is making sure Ivanka and Jared Kushner don’t overstep further governmental boundaries as they clearly already have.

Does Melania really have concerns about the security clearances of Ivanka in the White House, or is their beef more personal? Not being blood relatives, we might have to look closer at what their beliefs and lifestyles are.

How are Melania and Ivanka different?

Ivanka and Melania clearly enjoy wearing the latest (and expensive) fashion trends, yet their similarities might end there. For one thing, Melania is an early riser and gets things done as early as possible during the day. She also doesn’t want to hang around the White House all the time.

We don’t know if Ivanka has a similar morning routine. If she’s like her father, work might not start until late morning rather than the crack of dawn. Plus, Ivanka seems to want to hang around the White House often to be by her father, which explains her reasoning for wanting a private office there.

You could easily argue Melania has a healthier lifestyle. Not being born in America likely gave her a stricter lifestyle, something Ivanka perhaps isn’t used to. There could be tension from both sides as a result.

Then again, they also have similarities to maybe blow over any feud.

Both are strong women with only a few close friends

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump | Win McNamee/Getty Images

Due to the life circumstances of being in the Trump orbit, both Ivanka and Melania only confer with a very small group of friends outside their husbands. Since politics seemed to get in the way of maintaining prior friendships, those existing friends may diminish as more political polarization occurs.

It might be a good idea for Melania and Ivanka to start being closer to help one another through the chaos, especially if Trump wins a second term. Things are not always going to stay smooth sledding to say the least.

Their greatest bond is they’re both strong women who have their own adamant beliefs. They should use this to their advantage to stick together in case the worst becomes even…well, you know.