Are Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones Friends?

There are a number of popular comedians these days, but two of the hardest-working, most dedicated (not to mention two of the funniest) stars in the game are Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones. The funny ladies have been in the business for many years and rose to the ranks of celebrity after putting in lots of hard work.

They have also worked together several times, and although there can be a lot of drama amongst co-stars in Hollywood, that is definitely not the case with Jones and McCarthy.

They are both ‘SNL’ superstars

Saturday Night Live
Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Cecily Strong, and Vanessa Bayer | Dana Edelson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

The long-running comedy series Saturday Night Life has received acclaim for the way it embraces female comedians, in an industry where it can be more difficult for talented women to get noticed. Both Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones have flourished on the show, even though their personalities and stage personas are vastly different from each other.

McCarthy has been one of the more popular guest hosts on the show and has hosted an impressive five times, which is referred to by cast and crew on SNL as “the five-timers club.” In May 2017, when McCarthy finalized her fifth stint as guest host, Leslie Jones took to Twitter to commend McCarthy for her achievement and posted a short video where McCarthy received her customary embroidered jacket, gifted to five-time guest hosts. 

Leslie Jones has been a member of the Saturday Night Live cast since early 2014 and actually started out as a writer on the show before she was moved up to be part of the regular cast. Jones is famous for her raucous, sometimes abrasive humor, and is a frequent contributor to the “Weekend Update” news portion of the show, where she offers her (sometimes controversial) take on issues and news of the week. She’s also become a popular stand-up comedian and actress, in addition to her work on SNL.

McCarthy and Jones both starred in ‘Ghostbusters’

Although McCarthy and Jones worked together in a more limited capacity on SNL, they got the opportunity to take their comedic partnership to the next level when they were both cast in the Ghostbusters remake, which was released in 2016. In addition to SNL veterans like McCarthy and Jones, the movie also featured other SNL stars like Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon. 

Although the film received mixed reviews, and many fans actively campaigned against the film in the months prior to release – mainly because many were less than thrilled about anyone attempting to remake the 80’s classic that had shaped so many childhoods – the actresses themselves received a great deal of praise. In addition, there’s little doubt that the comedians all enjoyed working together, and admitted in interviews that they absolutely love each other. 

They support each other fully

There’s little doubt that Leslie Jones and Melissa McCarthy have anything but love for each other, in spite of their wildly varying reactions to the news that another Ghostbusters movie is coming out, one that appears to be completely ignoring their 2016 version. Leslie Jones took to social media when the news was announced, saying that the fact that this film is being made seems to send the message that “their movie didn’t count.”

Melissa McCarthy, on the other hand, has had nothing but positive words to say about the upcoming film, stating that “she’s all for it,” and that she supports anyone making movies. 

Whether or not this could cause friction between the two former co-stars remains to be seen. But the likeliest scenario is that these two funny women will look past this minor disagreement and continue the friendship that has lasted for years.