Are Michael Chakraverty and Henry Bird From ‘The Great British Baking Show’ Dating?

We stan for The Great British Baking Show. Each season, we watch with bated breath as the contestants make their way through various baking challenges. There is the dreaded “Bread Week,” “Pastry Week” and those scary “Technical Challenges.” As judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith look on, the bakers create some picturesque masterpieces that sound even more delicious than they look. 

One of the things we adore about The Great British Baking Show is the friendships that form amongst the contestants. Though they are all in competition for the grand prize, it’s not rare to see them lending one another a hand, hugging or cheering each other on during the various judging phases. 

In fact, if you watch the grande finales until the very last credit rolls, you’ll discover that many of your favorite contestants have not only kept in touch but remained close friends to this day. However, it looks like Michael Chakraverty and Henry Bird from Season 10 of The Great British Baking Show might be more than just good mates. 

Are Michael Chakraverty and Henry Bird dating?

We won’t spoil who won Season 10 –but we do know that sparks may have flown when Chakraverty and Bird were rolling out pastries and making delicious cakes. Our first inkling that a romance may be blossoming between the two came from another contested on The Great British Baking Show who also competed during Season 10. 

Alice Fevronia, a geography teacher who was known this past season for her decadent flavors posted an adorable snap of the gentlemen looking extremely cozy in the competition. She shared the perfect pic of the duo on her Instagram Stories with the caption, “BAE-ke Off.”

Normally we wouldn’t read too much into this, but we also have more evidence that something romantic might be brewing between the pair.

Michael Chakraverty and Henry Bird have openly flirted on Twitter

During Bird’s run on The Great British Baking Show, Chakraverty congratulated him with some saucy lyrics. He tweeted, “Whatta man, whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man.” In turn, Bird replied to Chakraverty saying, “One of the finest of men.” That seems like a dating cue to us.

They also make some flirty quips on a screengrab from the show of the pair hugging. The subtitles read, “THEY GROAN.” Bird tagged Chakraverty in the post and said, “I’m going to leave these subtitles here in all their glory.”

Have Michael Chakraverty and Henry Bird confirmed that they’re dating?

Though the evidence is right there for anyone to see, neither Chakraverty or Bird have confirmed their alleged relationship. The last piece of evidence we have is them smooching on the cheek in a photo with Season 10 contestants David Atherton and Fevronia who originally spilled the beans on the would-be romance.

We totally get if the guys want to keep their relationship under wraps. After all, though we adore GBBO, they are regular people who aren’t used to the spotlight in this way. Chakraverty and Bird may never confirm or deny anything about what’s happening between them, but they are super cute regardless.