Are Prince Charles and Camilla Bowles Still Married?

Prince Charles relationship with and Camilla Parker Bowles has been riddled with controversy and rumors since day one. Due to the tumultuous relationship that the late Princess Diana had with Camilla, many people had a deep dislike for the Duchess of Cornwall. While Charles’ affair with Camilla was public knowledge, it was only after Princess Diana passed away that Charles and Camilla officially came out as a couple — and the press seemed to villainize Camilla even more. Even though Diana and Charles divorced before the former’s tragic passing, many people were outraged when Charles decided to marry Camilla in 2005.

At that time, Diana had only been deceased for a little over 7 years and the public still very much loved her and was still mourning her death. They felt that Camilla was trying to take Diana’s place (something that they had felt that she had always wanted to do) and they were not happy about it.

Now, it has been 14 years since Charles and Camilla tied the knot. Due to the fact that their relationship has always been surrounded by controversy, many people wonder if they are still married today. Here is everything we know about Charles and Camilla’s relationship.

Did history repeat itself with Prince Charles’ affair?

Prince Charles’ great-grandfather, King Edward VII, was also known to have extramarital affairs during his marriage. In fact, according to Town and Countrywhen Camilla first met Charles in 1970, one of the first things that she had said to the young prince was: “My great-grandmother was the mistress of your great-grandfather. I feel we have something in common.”

So, apparently, having an affair on your spouse is something of a family tradition with both Charles and Camilla’s families.

Times have changed

Back when King Edward VII ruled, it was not uncommon for the royal ruler to have many wives and mistresses. In fact, in the 18th century, when George II was crowned king, he took a mistress just so he wouldn’t look weak to his subjects.

In the 21st century, however, we seem to have a whole new standard for what it means to be a royal. It is expected for all royals to act properly and have higher moral standards than anyone else – this includes respecting the sanctity of marriage by being faithful to your spouse. So, when Charles admitted to cheating on Diana, the world was just as heartbroken as she was. At the time, they had seemed to have such a fairytale romance. Now, however, people are aware that he never really loved Diana and had only married her because he felt obligated to do so.

The fact that he desperately loved another woman, and only married Diana because he felt it was the “right thing to do” for his country and his family, should have made the public more sympathetic to Camilla and Charles’ relationship. However, people seemed to villainize them both for emotionally hurting “The People’s Princess.”

Prince William and Prince Harry tried to smooth things over

Once Camilla and Charles got married, Prince Harry and Prince William had tried to let the public know that Camilla was not the monster that the media had made her out to be. William was actually the best man at his dad’s wedding with Camilla. Both boys also seemed to go out of their way to make them look like one big happy family while they were in public. They had also done several interviews where they would talk very good about Camilla. They would frequently say how nice of a person she was and how she treated both Harry and William very well.

While the two princes do seem to really like their stepmother, there will always, unfortunately, be people who believe that the affection that they show her is just for the cameras and that their relationship may be quite strained behind closed doors.

Are Prince Charles and Camilla still married?

Although Charles and his long-time love, Camilla had a bit of a rocky start to their relationship, they have proven that no matter what anyone may think about it, the heart wants what the heart wants. They just celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary on April 9, of this year.