Are Rage Against the Machine Really Getting Back Together?

Rage Against the Machine may have only released three albums of original material, but they remain one of the most iconic and influential bands of the 1990s. Their mix of rock, rap, and political themes have won them fans the world over. Rumors are now circulating that the band will reunite for another tour. Are these rumors true?

Rage Against the Machine | Gie Knaeps/Getty Images

Rage Against the Machine rumors

The rumors began to swirl when an unverified Twitter account that purported to belong to the band posted a handful of tour dates. Since the Twitter account is unverified, many fans worried that this post was fraudulent. It would be all too easy for someone to create a fake account in the band’s name and post phony tour dates. The band has not performed together since 2011, so it wouldn’t be out of character for the band to go a long period of time without performing.

Rage Against the Machine in 1993 | Gie Knaeps/Getty Images

However, according to Rolling Stone, reports that the band will reunite are accurate. A total of five tour stops have been scheduled thus far; the band is set to perform three shows in the southwestern United States in March 2020 before headlining both weekends of the Coachella Festival in April. The exact dates and locations of the southwestern tour dates have yet to be announced.

Prophets of Rage disbands

While this is probably happy news for most music fans, they will have to take the bitter with the sweet. This  means that Prophets of Rage – a rock supergroup which features Rage Against the Machine members Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, and Brad Wilk –  will have to disband so that Rage Against the Machine can reunite.

Prophets of Rage | Lindsay Brice/Getty Images

Metal Injection reported that B-Real, a member of Prophets of Rage, took to Instagram to say “I want to say thank you to the fans that supported Prophets of Rage for the time we’ve been rocking together. It’s been an honor to rock stages and people of all ages with these guys. It’s been a great time and great memories in a short time. Rockin along side of Chuck and Tom has been amazing to say the least. It was fun while it lasted and I hope we left a big impression and that the music has been a source of inspiration for those that needed it.”

Chuck D, another member of the group, wrote “It was about doing something greater than self. 2020 keeping Zack de la Rocha spot warm for RATM and powering a statement for 1000 days was a honorable truth mission in the hours of chaos from the jump… And so the bands rock on…. Let’s go.”

Rage Against the Machine and nostalgia

A Rage Against the Machine reunion could not have come at a better time. For the past few years, 1990s nostalgia has been in full swing. Hollywood has given us everything from Jurassic Park and Independence Day sequels to a new season of Twin Peaks. It’s about time that music catches up to this nostalgia wave.