Are Scott Disick and Sofia Richie Headed Down the Aisle?

Scott Disick’s early relationship with Sofia Richie made some waves. The then 34-year-old reality TV star began seeing Richie when she was just 18 years old. Troubled by the age difference, fans started to wonder precisely what Disick was up to. Two years later, the couple appears to be going strong. In fact, their relationship seems so stable that fans are now wondering if an engagement is forthcoming.

Sofia and Scott have seriously talked about marriage

The age difference has given some people cause for concern, but it looks like Disick and Richie are okay with the situation. In fact, the couple is reportedly talking marriage, according to Us Magazine. Apparently, the couple is all-in. They were photographed on vacation together recently. Kourtney Kardashian, the mother of Disick’s three kids, was also included in the family getaway.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie
Scott Disick and Sofia Richie | Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images

Kardashian and Disick’s new lady have no issues getting along. It’s rumored that Kardashian fully supports the relationship, but not all of her family members are on board. Kris Jenner noted that she’s concerned that Kourtney is too indecisive, and the closeness could cause confusion down the line, according to Heavy.

Whether Scott will pop the question anytime soon remains to be seen. Fans assume it’s coming soon, based on how long the couple has been together, but Disick dated Kardashian for many years, and the two never took the next step.

Sofia Richie was spotted at a jewelry store

Disick sat down with Us Weekly to discuss his life, new show, and his girlfriend recently. He had nothing but glowing things to say about her. Just a day after the article was published, Richie was spotted shopping out in Beverly Hills. One of her stops was a famed jewelry store, according to Ok Magazine.

Fans have begun to speculate that the 20-year-old model was doing a little engagement ring research. No one actually knows what she was doing in the store, or if it was even her idea to head in, though. Richie was spotted with a female friend, so it’s possible her pal wanted to take a peek inside the store.

What does Lionel Richie think about Scott and Sofia’s relationship?

Lionel Richie has been keeping his thoughts on his daughter’s life quiet recently, but last year he did offer up some opinions on his daughter’s relationship with Disick. The elder Richie spoke with The Daily Telegraph last year and stated “When you’re 19 you know everything. Is it going to be for life? I don’t know. But for right now it’s just a phase, and I’m going to stand real still in the corner, get me a good drink and not make too much noise.”

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His opinions, however, seem to have nothing to do with Disick, according to Cosmopolitan. The famous crooner seems more concerned with Sofia’s young age than anything else. He went on to note that, at 19-years-old, he did the same thing to his parents, and they too were forced to let him figure it out on his own. Richie did go on to suggest that Disick seemed like a nice guy, although they hadn’t spent a ton of time together.