Are Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato Still Friends?

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are longtime Hollywood besties. The singing duo has had quite a complicated relationship, one that has been on and off again for years. There has been a lot of shade thrown and adorable compliments given through the course of their career. They were literally the pinnacle of friendship for girls growing up after the 90s.

It all started with this classic kid’s show

Did you know the top Disney earners got their friendship started when they were just ten years old? The adorable pair starred on Barney and Friends for two years. What brought them together? There are some glaring similarities between Lovato and Gomez. They are Hispanic brunettes who are the exact same age. That means that the two, considering they had the same calling, ended up at a lot of auditions together. Lovato’s mom recognized that the pair were inseparable at a young age and was sure their love for each other would transcend time.

Gomez and Lovato: Disney channel besties

Both Gomez and Lovato got picked up by the career maker, Disney. Gomez worked hard as a main cast member on Wizards of Waverly Place, a show that took home not just one but two Primetime Emmys. Lovato took on the titular role in Sonny with a Chance. She also starred in the TV movie, Camp Rock. Working on Disney really helped bolster their friendship, evident by their YouTube vlogs. 

The two gushed about their friendship and shared news about their days as well as jokes that their other friends would enjoy. It truly was a high point in their blossoming friendship. 

Gomez and Lovato star in the ‘Princess Protection Program’

Before this 2009 film, the duo had never had the pleasure of truly working together as teens. The Disney Channel must have recognized their chemistry. In the film, Lovato plays a foreign princess who joins a protection program. In the program, she meets a run of the mill teenager (Gomez) who teaches her how to adapt to the typical American lifestyle.

Working together really built their bond and boosted their music careers thanks to the song they released, One and the Same, to accompany the movie. This same year they appeared in a spread in People where they let the world know just how amazing their friendship was. 

Lovato and Gomez’s relationship goes south

2010 did not start off well for the once inseparable pair. In January a fan asked Lovato how Gomez was doing. Her two-word response, “Ask Taylor” shined a light on a shift in their relationship. While it was snappy it made a ton of sense considering the girls were now building relationships with other young stars. Lovato with Miley Cyrus and Gomez with Taylor Swift.

Later that year Lovato threw her first bit of real shade at her questionable bestie. She suggested that Gomez wasn’t a true friend because real friends don’t allow their family and friends to disrespect their besties. She basically said she couldn’t trust her. Clearly, their relationship was on the rocks.

The ups and downs of Gomez and Lovato’s friendship

Lovato going to rehab at the end of 2010 kickstarted their friendship again. By the following year, the two were arm in arm again. They even made a public appearance at the Teen Choice Awards. Gomez and Lovato became each other’s biggest music fans and did what they could to support one another. Fast forward to 2013 and things are still going strong for the talented 20 something-year-olds. 

Not even a year later Lovato ditches Gomez on social media, saying the two simply grew apart. She proceeded to refollow her to wish her a happy birthday the following year. Things continued to blossom up all the way up until 2017.

Demi Lovato unfollows Selena Gomez again

Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato
Actress Selena Gomez and singer Demi Lovato during the 2008 Teen Choice Awards | K Mazur/TCA 2008/WireImage

Lovato found herself once again struggling with staying sober. She overdosed just last year in July. As a part of her healing process, it was recommended that she do some purging of her inner circle. Iggy Azalea, Nick Jonas, and sadly Gomez did not make the cut. A source told Entertainment Weekly that in order to stay sober Lovato needs to find a positive support network, one that won’t let any negativity into her personal bubble. 

It’s hard to imagine Gomez not being supportive of her longtime bestie but it looks like Lovato doesn’t feel the same way. Considering their history, they will probably rekindle their relationship one day.