Are Seth Rogen and His Mom Going to Be on ‘Below Deck?’

Seth and Sandy Rogen | Seth Rogen Instagram

What started as Sandy Rogen’s innocent tweet about Below Deck turned into a bonafide invite to be on the show. Like many people on Christmas Day, Sandy found herself perusing cable channels until she got sucked into Bravo’s maritime drama.

Below Deck was in marathon mode and after watching endless episodes, Sandy took to Twitter. “I just watched about a million ” below deck” s why ????!!!!! Why!!!” Clearly, her tweet hit a funny bone. Sandy’s Twitter blew up as many people agreed the show is like television crack. Plus, Sandy has a cult following. Fans can see where her son gets his sense of humor.

But after her tweet, Bravo picked up on her curiosity and threw out an offer. “Should the Rogen family be our next charter guests? We’re into it.” Of course, a Rogen family vacation aboard a Below Deck yacht would be the best episode (ever). And while Bravo (and basically everyone else in the universe) is into it, will the Rogen family accept an invite?

Seth Rogen is hesitant (but this chief is into it too)

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Perhaps Seth has seen an episode (or 20) because the first response to Bravo’s offer was about the Benjamins. “There’s no way we’d tip enough,” Seth tweeted. But there is more behind his trepidation.

Seth knows what he’s talking about. Back in 2015, he appeared on Watch What Happens Live and shared his view of charter guests with host Andy Cohen. “I do like Below Deck. I think the moral of Below Deck is, if you rent a yacht, you’re a douchebag. A huge piece of garbage,” Bravo’s The Daily Dish recounts. “Because that’s the moral of every episode, [it’s] like, they’re trying, they’re dressing up like f***ing idiots for these people, and then no one’s happy enough.”

Despite Seth’s sentiment, chief stew Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean hopped on and tweeted, “Ahhh – yes. 10000% yes. We need more comedy and less pricks.” She added, “I’m sure they would survive. I know I would be a far happier Chief Stew.”

But maybe Sandy could be convinced

Even though Seth sounds skeptical, Sandy is on board–perhaps literally. Sandy first threw out this roadblock, “We don’t dress nice enough.”  But then said that “many of the Rogens are into it” and that it sounded good to her!

Many Below Deck fans are way into it too, Sandy. One person said they’d even watch the show if the Rogen family appeared. “Yes! I don’t watch below deck and I would watch it just for the Rogen family!” And this person wrote, “I would get cable for it.”

Seth and pal James Franco already did a “reality” episode of Naked and Afraid, which was memorably hilarious. So why not Below Deck too? They provide you with toilet paper (and sunglasses) on this show. If someone would literally sign up for cable to just watch your family, it may be time to call Bravo. Everyone is into seeing the Rogen family on Below Deck.

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