Are ‘Southern Charm’ Stars Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy Ready to Make it Work?

There’s been some real trouble surrounding Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll lately on Southern Charm. The on-again-off-again couple split following accusations of infidelity and a damning video of Austen Kroll with two other women. And while castmates Shep Rose and Craig Conover seem to support Kroll’s breakup, Kroll himself hasn’t been happy with the results.  

During a recent Colorado vacation on Season 6, LeCroy and Kroll hooked up again, and to the dismay of Conover and Rose, the two seemed to be on the path to reunification. A frequent critic of LeCroy and her relationship with Kroll, Rose decided to speak up, and he and LeCroy rapidly caused a scene in which LeCroy dished out STD rumors

Now, after alienating a couple of different cast members, it seems as if LeCroy and Kroll are ready to give it another real shot. But can the couple make it work this time?

The infidelity drama

Southern Charm star Austen Kroll was caught in the midst of some major infidelity drama when an incredibly compromising video was leaked last year. The video, taken by a woman on the scene, shows Madison LeCroy confronting Austen Kroll about his activities during the previous night. 

During the video, we see how Kroll reacts to LeCroy accusing him of cheating after finding him in his boxer briefs with two other women who just spend the night in his room. It’s a pretty reasonable thing to be upset about. However, throughout the video we hear Kroll repeatedly call LeCroy crazy for being angry with him — classic gaslighting move, Kroll. It certainly didn’t reflect well on his character. 

In an ET interview, Kroll claims, “So, I guess what I can say is that was very early on [in our relationship]. [That was] Madison and I trying to figure out what we were. We both hadn’t done the, you know, ‘you’re my girlfriend, and you’re my boyfriend’ talk, right?”

LeCroy pulls out STD rumors 

After the couple broke up, Kroll was brokenhearted despite what appeared to be some pretty serious infidelity. However, during a Southern Charm trip to Colorado, Kroll and LeCroy hooked up again. 

Shep Rose wasn’t happy about the two reuniting and entered into yet another argument with LeCroy — a seemingly common occurrence. During their argument, LeCroy claimed that Shep Rose gave Danni Baird chlamydia. They revealed it to be nothing other than a rumor, and LeCroy tried to backpedal. The two were not having it, however. 

Rose asked LeCroy, “It’s not fine. I don’t understand you. What’s the anger come from? … And Austen told you? So now you’ve thrown him under the bus. You’re a tornado. You just hurt three people, or tried to. Was it worth it?”

Baird fired back with, “If you want to hurt him, that’s fine. But why the hell would you just do that to me? You truly don’t know what you’re talking about, and you are hurting people who shouldn’t be hurt. I’m on your team, so why the f*** are you acting like this?”

Are they ready to make it work?

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Regardless of how much their castmates might protest, it seems like Kroll and LeCroy are going to give their Southern Charm romance another shot. During a recent episode of Southern Charm, Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy sat down to discuss their relationship. 

Kroll discussed his insecurity and self-sabotage with LeCroy. He told her, “In the beginning with us, I had never been so damn happy before. I was like, holy s***, I like love this girl, I love her. And it spooked the hell out of me.” 

In a confessional interview, Kroll followed up with, “In the beginning of the relationship, she had come to me and been like, okay, I’m ready to put down my walls, and be with you fully. And I think that when that happened, it like, snapped in my head, and I was like, ‘oh my god, am I going to marry this girl?’ And jump into daddy role, and that’s a big undertaking, and I just sabotaged the whole thing. “

Kroll went on to tell LeCroy he regretted the mistake he made by cheating on her. “It clearly was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Ever since that moment I’ve been trying to fight back and claw back for us, and you are what I want, and I want to make this work,” he said. 

Madison told Kroll, “I love you.” 

Kroll then asked the restaurant to quiet down, so he could tell LeCroy he wanted to make it work.

“Well, let’s do it. A hundred percent. We’re not half-assing this relationship any longer,” said LeCroy. From the sound of it, the two are back on. We’re pretty sure we can hear Shep Rose fuming from here.